WWE Monday Night Raw: Randy Orton Is Right, the Champ Is Here

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 6, 2013

Photo courtesy of Wrestle Enigma
Photo courtesy of Wrestle Enigma

Randy Orton may be the most sensible wrestler in the WWE today.

While the fans are fixated on the upcoming match at SummerSlam in Los Angeles between Daniel Bryan and John Cena, the reality is “The Viper” will at some point cash in his title opportunity and become the WWE title holder.

Yes, Randy, the champ is here!

There is something about Orton you either love or hate. While his nine championship titles are well beyond anything his father, Bob Orton Jr., ever accomplished and his mic skills are somewhat more polished, it is his father’s drive, desire and ability that lies within the third-generation star.

Orton’s points were well delivered to John Cena on Monday Night Raw. It doesn’t matter who wins between Cena and his new adversary, Daniel Bryan—because Orton will cash in at some point.

And you can take that to the bank.

Whether it is at SummerSlam (which makes sense) or Monday night following the PPV or even a month down the line, Orton will have a WWE title reign, which is long overdue and one where the WWE can focus on Orton against someone like Dean Ambrose or Big Show or maybe even Kane (one last title run for the Big Red Machine).

The point being made is Orton is the one we all should be focusing on to carry the torch.

The Cena/Bryan feud is twisted with the McMahon’s involvement and has steam but not enough momentum right now.

A Randy Orton/Cena or Orton/Bryan feud is more to my liking and can offer something to the WWE that Vince McMahon wants—someone who can make money for the company. While I love the style of Bryan and the concept of his gimmick, he cannot roll merchandise like Orton or even Cena (who are both entertainers to some extent while Bryan is a self-proclaimed wrestler).

The idea of Orton cashing in on either of the two winners is quite appealing on so many levels. Most of all, after a two-year absence, it makes Orton relevant. After that much time away from gold, we know he and Bryan have been spot on as of late, and he and Cena are money in the ring.

While the buildup for SummerSlam continues and the days wind down until the event, we will undoubtedly see more of Cena, Bryan and Orton at odds, with great promos, vignettes and confrontations. But honestly, the real fun begins once the match between Bryan and Cena ends and the Viper strikes out of nowhere.