Madden 25: Michael Vick Deserved to Be Named QB of the All-25 Team

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistAugust 5, 2013

Michael Vick is the greatest video game athlete ever.
Michael Vick is the greatest video game athlete ever.Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Madden 25 continues to unveil cool new features, and there should be no debate as to why Michael Vick was named the quarterback of the All-25 team. 

As it was announced by EA Sports on Sunday, Vick was the choice.

EA Sports has slowly been naming players to the team and will continue to make announcements. For more information on the All-25 team, check out EA Sports' official website.

Even though there have been great players to play in the NFL, no quarterback deserved a spot on the team more than Vick. He may not have won NFL MVP in his career, but that's not what this team is about.

This team is made up of players who were the best athletes to use in the game at the peak of their careers. There is absolutely no question that Vick was the best player to use in Madden.

No player in the game, regardless of position, was as much fun as Vick. The only issue some users had was adjusting to using a left-handed passer.

He had a 95 rating for speed and a 98 for throw power. There has never been a more dangerous quarterback in the game. He graced the cover of the game that year, so it's no wonder as to why his ratings were so crazy.

Vick was changing the way the game on the field was played as well. The NFL had never seen a player with his speed and arm. Now there are several players who can run the read-option, but nobody has put on a show like Vick.

Not only did he change the league, but Vick also changed the way you played Madden. 

Many gamers had to implement a "No Vick" rule when playing against their friends. He was an unstoppable force in the game, and it was unfair for players to use him.

Playing against Vick forced gamers to use the Wildcat before it ever hit the NFL. Sticking a running back or wide receiver at quarterback became common. Having a speedster at quarterback was necessary in order to keep up with the Atlanta Falcons' high-scoring attack.

His skills in that version are probably part of the reason as to why there have been more changes in throwing the ball in the game and defensive features, such as the hit stick.

There will never again be a quarterback with his ratings. His combination of speed and arm strength was impossible to stop. 

Vick was fun to use because he could lead a two-minute drill better than any quarterback in the game. The no-huddle was great to use to keep the defense on the field. His agility and speed made it tough for defenses to get a sack.

Even though Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have been the best quarterbacks in the NFL for over a decade, neither of them were as fun to use as Vick. 

So if you still have Madden 2004, go and play it for a while and relive the glory days of Vick. 

If you have a quarterback who you believe should have been named to the team, which is impossible, feel free to comment below. Make sure you have valid reasoning.