Ian McCall Posts Photo of Broken Hand from UFC 163

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2013

Ian McCall will fight you (and beat you) with one hand. 

After his entertaining victory over Iliarde Santos at UFC 163, McCall took home the sought after Fight of the Night bonus, as well as something a little less desirable for a man of his profession: a shattered hand. 

McCall popped into the Mixed Martial Arts Underground forums post-fight, showing off the badly swollen, positively ridiculous looking results of a three-round war inside the Octagon. 

With the picture, McCall said:

def broken haha

While McCall's balloon hand provides a gnarly sight, it also brings with it a degree of respect for the flyweight's performance Saturday evening in Brazil. 

Against a physically larger and stronger opponent, McCall showcased excellent striking and footwork, outpacing and outpointing Santos for the bout's 15-minute duration. 

Re-watching the fight, it is unclear when exactly McCall breaks his hand, but he landed a considerable amount of significant strikes in each round, making it likely that he continued punching with his mangled paw. 

Said McCall in an interview with Ariel Helwani (via MMAfighting.com) after the fight: 

My knuckle's gone, so maybe (it's broken), it doesn't hurt that much. Me breaking my hand's not going to stop me from punching him. I'll just punch until it goes numb—maybe that's what I did...Breaking your hand's not a big deal—I've done it before—so it's not going to stop me from hitting the person. 

You've earned your mustache with those comments, sir. 

After a rocky 0-2-1 start to his UFC career, "Uncle Creepy" may have saved his coveted roster spot with the win, and he battled through adversity and pain to do so. 

For this effort, let's give the man a hand. 


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