D-Generation X's Greatest Moments of All Time

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistAugust 5, 2013

D-Generation X's Greatest Moments of All Time

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    D-Generation X is one of the most popular factions in the history of professional wrestling.

    The image and style the letters DX carry in the wrestling world is powerful. The stable's presence was a major part of ushering in the most profitable period in wrestling  history.

    One of the factors that made DX successful was that it wasn't a manufactured idea from a writers' room, rather it was organically born from behind-the-scenes personalities and politics.

    There are so many classic promos and matches in the history of DX, which began in 1997. Even today, DX pops up with spontaneous one-night returns.

    So I've compiled the five biggest and best moments in DX history.

5. We Are the Nation

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    It's been done many times since, but the original imitation from DX is a top-five moment.

    While feuding with the Nation of Domination, the members of DX, plus a young kid named Jason Sensation (who can do impressions like nobody else), came out dressed up mocking their rivals.

    It was a promo and moment that will live forever with the memorable moments. After this promo, you saw more guys coming out dressed as other wrestlers and mocking them in promos to further storylines.

4. Well Look Who Is Back and Joining

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    DX was started by Shawn Michaels and Triple H. However, after WrestleMania 14, HBK was forced to temporarily walk away from the ring due to a number of health problems.

    So Triple H took control of the group and launched a new chapter in the history of DX. He started in a big way by bringing back a real-life friend and perfect fit for the DX attitude―Sean “X-Pac” Waltman.

    Fresh off his departure from WCW, he returned and cut a personal promo that set the tone for the night. A night that heavily featured the new DX and its new members. It started with Waltman at the beginning of the night and ended with the New Age Outlaws joining the group.

    You can never take away the original run the original members had, but this was a great way to help the fans transition given the loss of Michaels.

3. Mike Tyson Joins DX

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    The build to WrestleMania 14, which was dubbed X-rated, was moving at an intense pace. Confrontation between Stone Cold Steve Austin and legendary boxer Mike Tyson grabbed the attention of media from all around the world.

    Next, Tyson would appear to get into it with DX only to have it be revealed that he had joined the group of degenerate outlaws.

    While Tyson's association with DX and WWE on a weekly basis was short lived and done after WrestleMania 14, the impact was still there. He helped generate genuine interest in WWE's storylines during a time when the company was down and almost out in the war against WCW.

2. DX Reunion at Raw 1000

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    It had been a long time coming and didn't disappoint when all of DX got back together to celebrate the historic milestone for WWE at Raw 1000.

    The majority of the members of DX from both versions of the group came together in a WWE ring for the first time in ages.

    A grand entrance in a tank with famous DX lines and comedy was interrupted by Damien Sandow, and in typical DX fashion, the group took care of business both verbally and physically.

#1 DX Fires the First Shot

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    There wouldn't have been any significance to DX coming out in a tank at Raw 1000 if not for the best moment in DX history.

    Deep in the war with WCW for wrestling supremacy, DX showed up dressed for battle.

    While fans were aware of the two companies fighting on Monday night cable television, you rarely heard mention from either company about the opposition. If you did, it was some verbal, subtle jabs.

    DX took it to a new level.

    With WWE cameras rolling and a tank fueled up, DX showed up outside of the arena WCW Nitro was being filmed at in Virginia. The incident truly was a win for WWE as it had everybody talking and cheering for the company.

    It was another ground-breaking and historic moment in the history of the business, courtesy of DX.