Breaking Down Latest News and Rumors Surrounding WWE 2K14

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 5, 2013

(Photo: 2K Sports)
(Photo: 2K Sports)

Developers hinted that the roster for WWE 2K14 will be among the largest ever and one motorcycle-riding Superstar is officially among that group.

In previous updates, we learned about gameplay tweaks and the possible inclusion of a former nWo member, increased OMG moments like a double Shell Shocked and the Ultimate Warrior officially joining the roster.

A special Undertaker-themed package is the biggest recent news about WWE's upcoming video game, but a rumor and some vague comments from two men working on the game give us a little more to chat about.


The American Badass Cometh

The Ultimate Warrior pre-order bonus is exciting, but the ultimate Undertaker fans have an awesome package plenty worth throwing down their money.

The Phenom Edition, per, will include the following:

  • Exclusive tin coffin box;
  • Exclusive collectable art card personally hand-signed by Undertaker;
  • Exclusive Undertaker "American Badass" playable character;
  • Exclusive Undertaker-themed controller skin;
  • WWE Undertaker-The Streak: Disc #1 (on Blu-Ray/DVD)
  • Access to WWE 2K14 global pre-order offer: Ultimate Warrior playable character;
  • Copy of WWE 2K14 game.

Much of the swag included, such as the controller skin, is filler, but adding the American Badass version of The Undertaker to the game makes it more fun and more nostalgia-inducing. Fans can relive American Badass days and pit his two personas against one another.

The DVD is a nice bonus as well. For only about £60 or $100, this is quite a haul.


Hints, Tweaks and Excitement From The Inside

Recent interviews with Creative Director Corey Ledesma and developer Bryan Williams may not have revealed as much as fans would have liked, but some of the information to come out is intriguing.

Ledesma spoke with Jeux Video Magazine.

He reiterated the developers' commitment to enhancing and streamlining player movement and animation. He mentioned gestures, such as wiping one's brow, which players will not need to control.

He also spoke about 2K's efforts to improve the audio. The company will look to restructure the commentary system and has spent "a lot of time improving it." Ledesma didn't make it sound like we'll see many major changes this time around, but instead hinted at improving the audio in future editions.

Regarding who will be in the game, he didn't get specific, but said that WWE 2K14 will boast "one of our largest rosters" ever.

Williams made a similar comment when he talked to GamerHub TV.

Williams said that adding the Ultimate Warrior was "just the start" and talked about how pleased fans will be when the full roster comes out.

Are the developers simply teasing fans here or are there big names on the horizon? Will this mostly unrevealed roster include men like Goldberg?



No official word has come out about the former WCW champ's involvement with the game, but Golderg stirred up rumors with a recent tweet. When a fan wrote that he wished Goldberg was part of the game, the spear master responded with a vague, curiosity-inspiring statement.

Most of the Attitude Era's biggest names were a part of last year's game and Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior are already official for this year's version. Who does that leave for the big names that Williams hinted at?

Goldberg could conceivably be among them.

He has had his issues with the WWE product, even recently taking a shot at the company on Twitter. WWE's relationship with Warrior wasn't great either and he's now a showcase member of the game's roster.

If Goldberg's addition comes to fruition, fans can have him take on Ryback to settle their real-life differences virtual style.

For now though, his inclusion in the game, like Scott Hall’s, is just a rumor. Fans will have to wait until SummerSlam weekend to see how many stars from the past infiltrate the newest WWE video game.


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