Imagining a Bound for Glory Series Using the WWE Roster

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Imagining a Bound for Glory Series Using the WWE Roster
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The Bound for Glory Series has become a valuable asset for TNA, but what if the WWE were to present a similar concept using their current roster?

The TNA team have long impressed with their proclivity for using tournaments and competitions to keep to product interesting, to engage fans looking for a longer-term story development and to elevate several superstars at once.

Most importantly, the Series gives TNA a flexibility of booking and a direct complexity which benefits each and every contest involved in the summer and early autumn run-up to the eventual event.

The current edition is no different, with twelve of the federation’s more interesting stars competing for the chance to challenge for the TNA championship at the Bound for Glory PPV. Each character fulfils a set role within the field and creates a thoroughly engaging dynamic.

By comparison, the WWE have opted not to use tournaments in such a regular fashion and have failed to realise the significance and the benefit that such competitions can bring to their product and the advantages they can have on the roster.

Take King of the Ring for example. Once a brilliant device for elevating stars, for making the irrelevant relevant again and for giving the bookers flexibility in approach and execution, the tournament gradually drifted down the list of company priorities.

After Brock Lesnar’s victory in 2002 it ceased being an annual PPV—despite the subsequent propensity for themed events—and despite the effective reign of King Booker following his victory in 2006, dropped off the radar after William Regal’s triumph in 2008 and Sheamus’s reign in 2010.

This article imagines who would fill ten certain, specific roles were a Bound For Glory-esque tournament to be introduced into the WWE.

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