Pat Neshek Ends Matt Garza Twitter Fiasco in Most Brillant Manner Possible

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 5, 2013

Photo Credit: Pat Neshek Twitter
Photo Credit: Pat Neshek Twitter

Who needs pennant talk or divisional-race debate when you have Pat Neshek posting a tweet with Matt Garza wearing a hot-green tube top? 

It's a man's game, folks. 

Before we get into the particulars many of you are already well acquainted with, here is a picture of Garza wearing some women's clothing, via a tweet from A's pitcher Neshek (h/t For the Win's Nate Scott). 

And now for some context, because, you know, an A's pitcher tweeting long-forgotten images of a former colleague in drag might necessitate such things. 

On Saturday, Garza took the mound for the Texas Rangers for just the third time this season. The former Chicago Cubs pitcher must have been dying for the adrenaline of a real postseason push, because he lost his mind after losing the game. 

As Mike Axisa of CBS Sports reports, Eric Sogard bunted an insurance run across the plate against Garza, who then started flapping his gums at the Oakland infielder after the play. 

While initially laughing off his frustration, Garza seemed to spot a couple of tweets from Sogard's wife, Kaycee, and proceeded to blast the two on his protected Twitter account

Thanks to Mike Taddow, we have an inkling as to the venom and misogyny Garza is capable of after losing a game to the first-place A's. 

So what did Kaycee Sogard tweet to receive a "keep your trap shut" blast for herself and a "man's game" wallop for her husband?


Yes, it seems Garza had to really look for something to fight about, because there isn't much there. 

Since then, the Rangers pitcher has apologized, claiming his competitive juices made him go on a bizarre and deplorable rant. 

A's reporter Jane Lee reports the Sogards have decided to just laugh it all off, which is far easier to do when you hold a 2.5-game advantage on the Texas squad. 

It's also easy when you have guys in the clubhouse who are ready and willing to have your back on Twitter, posting beautiful images of the time Garza decided to part with the uniform and instead say yes to the dress. 

Scott offers the images might come from some time back in 2006 or 2007 when the two were pitchers for the Minnesota Twins. Good luck trying to figure anything else out about the images or getting them out of your head. 

No, they are just some silly moments that served no purpose until now, when Garza needed one swift social media slap in the face. 

If this is the kind of stuff we get in August, this is going to be a wonderful last push to the postseason. 


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