Blake Griffin Gets Dunked Over at Jordan Release Event in Santa Monica

Adam FromalNational NBA Featured ColumnistAugust 5, 2013

How many people in the world are cooler to dunk over than Blake Griffin?

The Los Angeles Clippers star has made a living out of posterizing people.

Somewhere, Kendrick Perkins, Timofey Mozgov and Pau Gasol are all still shaking their heads. He dunks with unmatched ferocity and appears on SportsCenter as often as Tim Tebow during the NFL offseason.

Anyone dunking over Griffin should be proud of themselves, even if he's just standing there and waiting for them to throw down. After all, he is almost seven feet tall.

What makes this slam at the Jordan release event in Santa Monica even more impressive is who completed the dunk and how he did it.

Young Hollywood is only 5'11".

Think about that for a second. He's not even six feet tall, and he managed to jump over one of the bigger players in the NBA.

Griffin didn't even duck.

This also wasn't some normal dunk. Young Hollywood picked the ball out of the air and put it through his legs before slamming it through without any difficulty. All that was missing was DeAndre Jordan coming over to finish the play with a rim-shattering bear hug.

It's the kind of dunk most 6'6" players attempt, just without jumping over anyone or catching the ball in midair.

It's also certainly better than jumping over a Kia.