Bill James Wants My $3 but He Isn’t Getting It...Yet

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IApril 11, 2008

After waiting for months for Bill James Online to launch, I was taken aback as if I was facing chin music from a hung-over Bob Gibson.

The man wants three dollars. And he wants it every month or else.

Bill run ads. You would make more money. Three dollars a month is a velvet rope.

Bill gets stats, but I don’t know if he gets this free ‘net thing though.

If you go to the preview page, keep refreshing to get teaser stats on baseball rankings for the hottest teams and players. He also does basketball team power rankings.

How he drives these stats I don’t know because the... What's this? Linky is not working.

Bad form Bill.

The rise of “freeconomics” is being driven by the underlying technologies that power the Web. Just as Moore’s law dictates that a unit of processing power halves in price every 18 months, the price of bandwidth and storage is dropping even faster. Which is to say, the trend lines that determine the cost of doing business online all point the same way: to zero.