WWE Debate: How Is the Show Off Dolph Ziggler Faring as a Babyface?

Shalaj LawaniaSenior Analyst IAugust 4, 2013

Dolph Ziggler is one of those elite superstars who won over the fans with his incredible in-ring ability, much of which involves him bumping his head like every move is a Stone Cold Stunner.

Crowd reactions for the heel got so wild and deafening that it started affecting any babyface who courageously chose to stand up against the Show Off's arrogance (mostly Alberto Del Rio).

With reactions that would complement an ideal babyface's package, WWE Creative went ahead with its attempts to bring balance to the tumultuous heel-face relationship and turned Dolph Ziggler face. 

It's been almost two months since the turn, and while that's still not a large span of time to judge a character's growth and development, it's still enough to observe and comment on his direction.

Thankfully, so far Dolph Ziggler has evaded the Stereotypical Face that guys like Miz, John Cena, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus and even Sami Zayn fell victim too. There haven't been any cheap "you're gay" jokes or much of bullying. There's still potential for derogatory remarks, as his current feud involves his ex-girlfriend AJ, whose exploits are memorable to say the least.

There have been some controversial interruptions and cheap shots, though, which a lot of people believe is contradictory to the image of an ideal, docile, law-abiding babyface. But then, we need to ask ourselves whether we would like Ziggler to retain his Show Off gimmick or create a new angelic face character.

He won't be the first to be cheered for being a bad guy at his roots, so such a concept isn't too mind-numbingly alien to consider. 

Ziggler as a heel fizzled out due to his consistent losses to each and every superstar. There was no momentum to begin with, and there was no momentum ever built. Some would say this made his rare big victories extra special and got the crowd firmly behind him, but that suits a face more than a heel, and either way it's still weak character growth for a tremendous talent

I believe he could become one of the top faces, if only he shies away from the traditional face antics and expands his Show Off gimmick. Either way, his wrestling is guaranteed to be great to watch.

Thanks for the read all.

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