UFC 163 Results: Machida vs. Davis Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

Nate Lawson@NateLawsonCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2013

UFC 163 Results: Machida vs. Davis Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

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    UFC 163 is set for Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, featuring a co-main event between light heavyweight contenders Phil Davis and Lyoto Machida.

    Both 205-pound fighters are on the verge of breaking through to a title shot, but only one will take the next step toward gold at the HSBC Arena.

    Is Davis finally going to take a step into the light heavyweight elite? Or is Machida going to put away another rising contender?

    Follow along with round-by-round analysis as the action happens on Saturday. 

Round 1

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    Promos running right now, so these two are about to head out to the cage. 

    Introductions done, and we are underway.

    Davis with a strong kick to the body to start things off. He's working kicks quite a bit here, likely in an attempt to keep Machida at a distance. 

    Machida lands a kick of his own. "The Dragon" looks to engage, but Davis evades. Another kick lands for Machida. 

    Davis is dancing around a lot, but it's allowing him to avoid much damage. Machida lands a head kick that staggers his opponent for a second. The crowd erupts in applause, but Davis is fine. Nice counter from Machida, followed shortly thereafter by a leg kick. 

    Ninety seconds remaining in the round, and Davis has yet to attempt a takedown.

    Machida moves in with a flurry, and Davis gets put on the mat. He pops back up to his feet and avoids any further damage. 

    There it is—Davis earns a timely takedown right after getting hurt. 10 seconds left in the round, and Davis is dropping heavy leather, but that takedown didn't make up for the brief onslaught from Machida. 

    Unofficial Scorecard: 10-9 for Machida

Round 2

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    Round 2 starts out in similar fashion to Round 1, as neither fighter is scoring anything major. 

    Machida with a nice kick upstairs. Davis isn't going to win this fight by striking, yet he appears content to try. Machida with a kick to the body, and Davis sends one to the head. Neither strike lands flush. 

    Three minutes to go in the round, and Machida has the advantage. Davis attempts to clinch, but "The Dragon" pushes him off. If "Mr. Wonderful" can't get this fight down, Machida is going to continue cruising on the feet. 

    Machida with a combination, and Davis views it as a takedown opportunity. He can't get that one, nor can he get the next TD attempt. Machida is winning this round with one minute to go.

    Davis eats a left from Machida and shakes his head, meaning it probably didn't feel very good. But he's looking to get Machida against the cage. He takes another big shot, but he gets the fight down. 

    Just 10 seconds to go, and Davis lands a few knees to the body and a few elbows to boot. 

    Again, Davis turns things on too late.

    Unofficial Scorecard: Machida 10-9

Round 3

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    Kick lands for Davis early, but Machida sends him a counter with more power. Davis is turning up the intensity, stalking Machida. So far, that approach is not working, but he doesn't have much of a choice. 

    Davis is slowing down, mouth opened and breathing heavy. Machida looks remarkably fresh.

    Takedown attempt for Davis leads to a scramble, and Machida ends up on Davis' back. "Mr. Wonderful" breaks away and sends a few kicks to the body. Another takedown attempt fails for Davis. 

    Davis picks up the pace again, but Machida lands a nice shot. Davis with another takedown attempt, but Machida once again stuffs it. Davis is running out of options here, and he likely needs a finish. 

    Machida with a brilliant counter, and Davis looks to clinch. He attempts another takedown, but fails yet again. 

    Thirty seconds to go in the round, and Machida is cruising right now. Head kick blocked by Davis. 10 seconds. Davis clinches again, but it doesn't go anywhere.

    Not a ton of action, but Machida once again put on a striking clinic.

    Unofficial Scorecard: 10-9 Machida

    Official Decision: Davis def. Machida via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)