UFC 163 Post-Fight Stock Report

Nathan McCarter@McCarterNFeatured ColumnistAugust 4, 2013

UFC 163 Post-Fight Stock Report

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    UFC 163 helped clear up some of the divisions. There will be some shuffling in the rankings that will soon come out and some movement down the ladder where it is less noticeable.

    A lot of fighters' stock stayed the same. Jose Aldo remained champion in dominant fashion, and there is nowhere for him to go.

    Light heavyweight contenders Phil Davis and Lyoto Machida battled to a contentious decision that saw Davis get his hand raised. Due to the nature of the decision, neither fighter benefited or faltered. Davis will have to move up in the rankings, but overall, the fight didn't change anyone's opinions of him. The same holds true for Machida.

    Others, however, did do themselves a serviceor disservicein Rio.

    This is your post-fight stock report for UFC 163.

Stock Up: Viscardi Andrade

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    Viscardi Andrade was taking on a tough guy in Bristol Marunde, but he was crisp in the bout.

    The TUF: Brazil participant looked very good on his feet and won the bout in just a little over 90 seconds. A significant win for the youngster.

    The win continues the Brazilian success at home over foreign fighters.

    Andrade won't rocket up the rankings, nor will he become a household name. What he did accomplish was putting his name out there and coming away with a quality stoppage. That will make him more appealing to fans moving forward. Always a good thing.

Stock Down: Bristol Marunde

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    Marunde was never in this fight, and for having a little bit of stock from being a Strikeforce and TUF veteran, this fight hurt.

    With another loss inside the Octagon, and little to no offense, he could be cut from the roster in the days after UFC 163. Time will tell if his job is safe.

    Marunde is a tough guy, but being tough only gets you so far. He has to start putting together offense.

    Andrade outclassed him, and that's never a good thing in the opening Facebook prelim.

Stock Up: Sergio Moraes

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    Tapping out an overmatched opponent doesn't increase Sergio Moraes' stock all that much, but doing so in the manner he did does.

    It was a beautiful sequence to get the submission, and then more beauty to elicit the tap.

    Moraes is finally getting to show his gift in the Octagon, and the fans will begin to appreciate it more and more. Moraes will probably earn a bigger and better opponent because of that. If he wants to move up in the division, he must continue to have these kinds of performances.

    All-in-all, Moraes' submission win put him on the radar of a lot of fans.

Stock Up: Amanda Nunes

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    The Lioness was dominant.

    Her strength advantage was no shock. Sheila Gaff is a natural flyweight who moved to the Octagon for a chance to fight for the UFC. She was outmatched.

    Regardless, Amanda Nunes was impressive. She has been working on her ground game, and it showed.

    Nunes finished the fight with strong ground-and-pound. The elbows found their mark and forced Gaff to cover up. The top-10-ranked bantamweight will move forward in the division. She still has a lot to prove, but she has the raw talent to make noise.

Stock Down: Sheila Gaff

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    When Sheila Gaff signed to the UFC she was one of the top five flyweights in the world.

    That doesn't translate to being a quality bantamweight. With the size disadvantage, her weaknesses were put on the overhead projector for the class to see. Sara McMann and Nunes both showed that to everyone.

    Gaff's stock has dropped significantly, and if she wants to regain it, she'll need to exit the UFC.

    One can hope she finds her way to Invicta's growing flyweight division where she can continue where she left off in the division. She's a powerhouse striker who's fun to watch, but she simply gave up too much weight in the bantamweight division.

Stock Down: Vinny Magalhaes

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    Losing by KO in 14 seconds will diminish your stock. A lot.

    Vinny Magalhaes just doesn't have the chin to eat shots, and it showed when Anthony Perosh finished him. It was the third-fastest KO in UFC light heavyweight history.

    Where does Magalhaes, 29, go from here? Probably out of the UFC.

    Magalhaes isn't cut out for the big leagues. He's a fantastic grappler, but that is about it. He doesn't have the all-around skills or athletic ability to compete with this crop of fighters. He was bested by a 41-year-old jiu-jitsu black belt.


Stock Down: John Lineker

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    This may shock a few of you as he won via TKO in the second round and was asked about his aspirations after the fight by Brian Stann.

    His stock is down for missing weight for the second time in his UFC career. That is poor. He wasn't even close.

    You cannot earn a contender's bout, or title shot, by coming in overweight multiple times. He has to prove he can make the flyweight limit on a consistent basis. It's too much of a risk otherwise.

    Also, John Lineker showed some more of his deficiencies in this fight. He throws hard, but that's all he looks for. He has a lot to work on before taking on the top of the division.

Stock Up: Thale Leites

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    What a return to the UFC for Thale Leites.

    He dominated Tom Watson nearly everywhere. He landed some good stand-up, and when it hit the floor, he did what he does best. He wasn't able to finish, but he was close with a couple of submissions.

    Watson is a tough fighter who is hard to submit. It showed.

    Leites gets a much-needed win in his return to the organization. It will be interesting to see who he gets next in the middleweight division. Congrats to Leites!

Stock Up: Cezar Ferreira

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    Cezar Ferreira is another unknown to the casual audience. He got a prime slot on the card thanks to it being in Rio, and he made it count.

    Ferreira caught Thiago Santos quickly, and he choked him out for the win.

    The guillotine was locked in precisely. The win certainly increased his stock in the division, but the UFC may want to take it slow in bringing him along. He still has a lot to learn in this sport. A prospect can be fostered along.

    After a dominant win, Ferreira is now becoming more known around the world. Keep an eye on him.

Stock Up: The Korean Zombie

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    I will be the first to admit when I am wrong, and I was dead wrong about The Korean Zombie.

    I thought Jose Aldo would starch him early in this fight and didn't give him any shot. But he was game for this fight.

    He was down on all the scorecards, but he was in this fight. He was only taken out when he suffered an injury, and Aldo pounced before there was an injury stoppage. And Chan Sung Jung even tried to pop his shoulder back in place midfight. Tough as nails.

    He will move down the rankings, but he proved he is worthy of another title shot if he can pick up a couple of more wins. He's a contender, and he made me eat crow.