Aldo vs. Korean Zombie: What to Watch for in the UFC 163 Main Event

Matthew RyderFeatured ColumnistAugust 3, 2013

Aldo vs. Korean Zombie: What to Watch for in the UFC 163 Main Event

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    Any time a guy like Jose Aldo takes to the cage, there's plenty to watch for at a UFC event. His athleticism, explosiveness and pure skill are as good as anyone in the sport, and when he fights in Brazil he does it with an extra passion that's plainly visible to anyone watching.

    The same could be said about Chan Sung Jung, a man who's earned his Korean Zombie nickname by putting his body in harm's way repeatedly in an effort to provide as much excitement as possible every time he's in the cage.

    With the promise of such fireworks between the two, there's plenty to have an eye on. Such as:

From the Korean Zombie

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    The Zombie will give fans lots to look out for in the main event, even if much of it will come to the detriment of his own health.

    He's going to push the pace and come forward the entire fight, attempting to impose his multi-faceted attack on Aldo with a willpower the champion may never have seen before.

    Rest assured that Jung will be the recipient of some serious punishment, and if sadism is your game he's going to give you your money's worth at UFC 163. The longer he survives, the better the chance he's going to produce something crazy himself though, as he's a capable striker and a quality grappler.

    Putting it mildly, the guy is guaranteed excitement whether he wins or loses. That's what you're watching for.

From Jose Aldo

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    In watching Aldo, you're watching technical mastery of such a high level that it's easy to forget he's still only 26 years old. A lifetime of street soccer in Brazil has given him the lower body control to unleash the nastiest leg kicks in MMA when he wants, while also being essentially impossible to take down or hold there.

    His kickboxing is unbelievable, as is his timing when it comes to throwing highlight-reel techniques like flying knees or spinning elbows. Some guys simply have a knack for when to throw something crazy, and Aldo is one of the guys that does it to land consistently.

    Add to that mix how much the champion loves to fight in his homeland, and how he's become something of a people's champion after his story became more publicized and he actually ran into the crowd after his UFC 142 title defense, and the makings are there for something special.

    There's a very good chance you'll be watching Aldo win, it's just a matter of how incredibly he decides to do it.