UFC 163: Aldo vs. Korean Zombie Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

Scott Harris@ScottHarrisMMAMMA Lead WriterAugust 3, 2013

UFC 163: Aldo vs. Korean Zombie Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

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    UFC 163 goes down Saturday night from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The card's main event pits featherweight champion Jose Aldo against the Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung.

    Aldo is not only the UFC's featherweight champ, he's also the undisputed best 145-pound MMA fighter on planet Earth and a consensus top-five overall fighter (if not higher). Though the Zombie is an exciting, fearless and inventive fighter with an impressive three-fight win streak at the top of the division, very few give him much of a chance against Aldo. 

    Will Aldo prove the pundits and oddsmakers correct before a raucous crowd of his countrymen? Can the Zombie plow forward into upset history? Did you defer on buying the pay-per-view? If so, we've got you covered. Here's a round-by-round analysis, updated in real time as the action unfolds.

Round 1

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    Emotional entrances for both men. The crowd, of course, goes wild for their man Aldo. And we are underway!

    They touch gloves and we're off and running. Zombie throws first, a jab that glances away. Jung moves forward and throws but again nothing connects. Brian Stann said Aldo's leg kicks immediately cause internal bleeding. Is that right?

    Aldo still hasn't thrown anything and then throws an overhand right at the 4:00 mark that lands. A jab from Aldo to the sternum of the Zombie. They tie up a bit but nothing happens and they reset.

    They stand in front of each other for a while without much action. Zombie misses with a spinning high kick. At the 2:30 mark now. Aldo throws his first leg kick, it lands but not too terribly hard, it seemed.

    The feeling-out standoff continues. Both men tentative to start this fight. An inside leg kick from Aldo and that one was harder.

    Zombie throws an outside leg kick. Neither man pushing the other too hard, biding their time for 25 minutes.

    One minute remaining. Close round. Zombie fakes a takedown but doesn't hit any strikes. Aldo shoots in for a takedown, Zombie tries to counter to the body but Aldo shoots through it and hits it. Zombie right back up. Aldo lands big spinning wheel kick at the very end lands to midsection, then a flying knee glances off, and that was enough to cinch it for sure.

    My score: 10-9 Aldo


Round 2

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    Round starts and they stand in front of each other again. Zombie throws a left hook that misses. A front kick again misses. Zombie rushes in but Aldo lands a counter overhand right. Zombie still hasn't landed anything significant that I've seen.

    A straight left from Zombie hits the chest of Aldo. Really not much going on. Zombie looking to pick his spots to charge in, but Aldo countering. Aldo seems content to attack in a burst at the end of the round to seal the scoring.

    Nice, sharp combination from Aldo. Zombie tries to answer but nothing doing. Zombie seems almost hypnotized, simply standing in front of Aldo. Meanwhile, Aldo is opening up a bit.

    A lead left from Zombie gets through but nothing major. Two minutes left.

    Zombie moves forward and Aldo counters every time right on the dot. Nothing devastating but enough to make Zombie think even harder about the next time.

    Aldo lands a takedown at the one-minute mark. They keep it on the ground and Aldo is in side control, possibly looking for a choke. No ground-and-pound yet, and now Jung wants a triangle but nothing doing.

    Round will end with Aldo in Zombie's guard.

    My score: 10-9 Aldo (20-18 Aldo)

Round 3

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    The round begins with an Aldo jab. He's starting to open up. Zombie continues to not look overly pressed. He's down 2-0 on my scorecard.

    Zombie goes for flying knee and Aldo catches him and hits takedown. Awesome. Aldo has him backed against the fence and trying a little ground striking. Zombie returning fire. They return to their feet.

    Aldo still has him pressed against the fence. Aldo drops down for a double but Zombie stuffs. Then Aldo tries an outside trip and gets it but Zombie wall-walking right back up. Zombie looks like he's slowing down. Aldo looks fresh. 

    Herb Dean tells them to work. Aldo continues pressing Jung against the fence. Dean looks ready to stand them up and he does. They reset to the center.

    Zombie attacks right off the bat, lands a nice left and then a right upppercut. Aldo puts him back against the fence. It seems Aldo thinks he can do this indefinitely and Zombie's not dissuading him.

    Forty-five seconds left. Zombie seems to want a choke but it doesn't look too serious. Dean breaks them up again. They'll reset to the center and they trade punches. Aldo ducks a flying knee.

    My score: 10-9 Aldo (30-27 Aldo)

Round 4

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    Championship rounds now, and it seems Zombie will need to do something big to get back into this fight.

    They stand in front of each other, as they did earlier for extended periods. Zombie seems to be waiting for a sign or something. Only two leg kicks for Aldo by my count in the fight.

    Zombie's hands are low and I think he's tired. Aldo was the one who faced cardio questions but it's Jung.

    Zombie's shoulder appears injured. Uh-oh. Head kicks from Aldo. Zombie's on the ground. Aldo pounds him out. That's it. The shoulder looked separated. Jung on the ground and howling in pain.

    Jose Aldo def. Chan Sung Jung by TKO