Royal International Horse Show Results 2013: Highlighting the Winners of Day 5

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Royal International Horse Show Results 2013: Highlighting the Winners of Day 5
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This week's events at Hickstead are nearing an end, and Shane Breen was one of the weekend's biggest winners after his performance at the 2013 Royal International Horse Show on Saturday.

With a full slate of events on Day 5, there will be many competitors walking away content. 

Months of training have been put to the test this week. The rigorous competitions challenge both the horses and the riders.

The weekend will feature the best competitions of the week as the best battle the best. Day 5 had its moments, and here are some of the most spectacular performances of the day.

Shane Breen and Zarnita

The Templant Events Queen Elizabeth II Cup is arguably the biggest event of the day, so all eyes were on this competition.

For the second time in his career, Shane Breen came away on top. As the event's official Twitter account noted, Breen had to change things up this time around.

Breen's second victory came while riding Zarnita. The pair was expected to do well, and it did not disappoint.

Breen and Zarnita went last, so they knew what they had to do in order to win. With a time of 47.64 seconds, the team had the fastest time.

Zarnita is known for good jumping ability, and it was the difference in the jump-off. 

It was a historic win for Breen. He became the first male rider to win the Queen Elizabeth II Cup twice.

Robert Whitaker, who was on Asterix EZ, finished second, and Louise Saywell finished third while riding Hello Winner. 

Here are the full results of the jump-off, courtesy of

Rank Horse Rider Country Time (sec)
1 Zarnita Shane Breen IRL 47.64
2 Asterix EZ Robert Whitaker GBR 48.25
3 Hello Winner Louise Saywell GBR 49.76
4 Billy Balou William Funnell GBR 51.02
5 Aiyetoro Joseph Clayton GBR 53.62

Laura Renwick and Beluga

After the Queen Elizabeth II Cup, the Sky Sports Speed Classic was ready to go. Breen was looking for another win, this time on Ominerale Courcelle, but he couldn't get the job done.

Despite being among the favorites again, Breen had to settle for fourth place. His disappointing finish allowed Laura Renwick to take the title. 

Renwick's victory was even more special as it came on Ladies' Day at Hickstead, which the event's official Twitter account acknowledged.

Beluga also came in as one of the favorites, so this wasn't a huge surprise. The horse was able to outrun the other competitors. Speed was a big factor, but the ability to avoid penalties may have sealed the victory.

Breen was unable to have a clean run, which was costly. Renwick was perfect on the course and came away in first.

Here are how the top riders finished in the Sky Sports Speed Classic, courtesy of

Rank Horse Rider Country Time (sec)
1 Beluga Laura Renwick GBR 74.61
2 Bijou van de Vilfhelde Guy Williams GBR 76.66
3 Mcb Sommerwind Katharina Offel UKR 77.34
4 Ominerale Courcelle Shane Breen IRL 78.20
5 Osiris du Goyen Werner Muff SUI 79.41
6 Caretol Richard Spooner USA 82.20
7 Cecilia Robert Smith GBR 82.21
8 Upperclass William Whitaker GBR 83.05
Qurint Olivier Philippaerts BEL 83.26
10 Chianti H Fvd Phillip Miller GBR 83.57
11 Master Daragh Trevor Breen IRL 84.38
12 Billy Onslow William Funnell GBR 84.40

*For more information, visit the Royal International Horse Show's official site.

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