World Games 2013 Cali: Most Dominant Countries Competing in Colombia

Benjamin Klein@BenjaminJKleinContributor IIIAugust 3, 2013

Photo credit: Surf Life Saving GB
Photo credit: Surf Life Saving GB

There are still plenty of gold medals to be won at the World Games 2013 in Cali, Colombia, but some countries have been so dominant that they've already pulled away from the rest to the pack in the medal table.

While one of the countries in the middle of the field still has time to make a late run, that doesn't seem likely. Three countries have killed the competition thus far, and it’s going to be very difficult to take over their spots in total gold medals and total medals won over the final days in Colombia.

These are the three countries that have proved their talent in a wide variety of sports, and deserve most credit for how they've performed at the World Games. They're near-locks to finish first, second and third come Sunday.




The Italians have been impressive in a number of different events, but nothing stands out more than their success at lifesaving. Italy won five gold medals, seven silvers and five bronzes for a total of 17 medals from 16 events.

Even though France has more gold medals in lifesaving, Italy has the most gold medals at the World Games. The Italians have won 17 golds entering Saturday’s events, which is two more than Russia and France. The country also has a slim lead in total medals; Italy has one more than Russia with 45.

Italy won six medals in roller skating artistic and four in boules, both returns the most of any country competing. While the Italians have the most medals thus far, there’s no guarantee the country will hang on to its lead. Italy needs to keep its foot on the gas in order to finish atop the medal table.



No other country was better at finswimming than Russia, it wasn't even close. Russia has 15 gold medals (second most), 44 total medals (second most) and crushed the competition in the 10 finswimming events. They took home four gold medals (most by two) and nine total medals (most by three).

Powerlifting and sumo are two other sports where the Russians have flaunted their skills. The country won 16 total medals throughout the pair of sports, including three gold medals in each. That has helped the Russians in the medal table, but they need to stay strong in order to claim the No. 1 spot.

What’s hurt the Russians to this point in the World Games is its lack of success in the mixed events. Russia only has three medals in the events where men and women are paired together. While that’s the second most of any country, Italy is ahead by five medals. That’s the difference right now.



France wouldn't be even close to the top of the medal table if it weren't for its talented lifesavers. As previously mentioned, the French were outstanding in the lifesaving events, where they won six golds in 16 events. More silver and bronze medals though have helped their overall standing.

That seems to be the story of the World Games for France. While the French have won the second-most gold medals of any other country, they really haven't done a good job at taking second or third place. France only has 10 silvers and nine bronze medals. That’s hurt its chances of finishing with the most.

France still has some chances to make up ground on Italy and Russia, but it’s going to have to be outstanding in the remaining events. If they fail to win gold, they at least have to medal. They're going to need at least 11 more medals to make things interesting atop the medal table. That's going to be a tough task.


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