Why Andre Smith Isn't As Bad As Most People Think

Angelo CerilliCorrespondent IMay 11, 2009

CINCINNATI, OH - MAY 1:  First round draft pick Andre Smith #71 of the Cincinnati Bengals waits his turn for a drill during rookie minicamp at Paul Brown Stadium on May 1, 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images)

Most people got the impression that Andre Smith doesn't really care and that character is something that this guy lacks, but I beg to differ. After reading an interview with Andre Smith after the draft I got the feeling that this guy is exactly what the Cincinnati Bengals need on that offensive line.

"I know this might sound stupid but I act as if the Quarterback is my mom, I don't want him to get hurt and I used to be known in High School and College for carrying the quarterback off the field after he got sacked."

I haven't heard many statements like that of any current Cincinnati offensive lineman and it really got me thinking, how good could Carson Palmer be if more guys thought like that. I am not questioning the mental thinking of the Bengals current line. However, Palmer was sacked his fair share of times during the season.

And people questioned the heart of the Bengals offensive line.

Now with Smith this offensive line now has new meaning, and more focused on making sure that the Bengals most prized possession at this time, Carson Palmer, gets enough time to throw the ball and be as effective as Palmer can possibly be.

Andre Smith may have had made some questionable decisions during the combine however I do not think that should define the guys entire character. He hasn't been a problem so far for the Bengals in mini-camp and he is working hard trying to prove that he is worth the Bengals selection of him at No. 6.

Mel Kiper himself even said that Andre Smith was the most talented out of all the offensive lineman coming out of this draft. Although he has been wrong before.

Andre Smith may not have been the best person at the combine but he is currently proving that he is better than most people see him as, and the Bengals offense this year could as deadly as the 2005 Bengals if the players meet their expectations.

Although for the Bengals right now the future does look very bright.