The Scream Queen: Daffney Unger!

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IMay 11, 2009

Wow, that's what I said when TNA picked up Daffney Unger to the roster and yes I know it's just another knockout to some people.

But wait, why does every new signee have to be just another knockout? That why I've decided to do yet another profiling of "another knockout".

Shannon Spruill, Daffney Unger to her fans, is one of the true veterans of the ring, making her debut way back when ( hat's 1999 to me and you) for the late WCW.

Ten years on and she still has the same gimmick as her very first showing on TV. The scream queen is the best way to describe it as when she wrestles she screams (well more like a deafening screech).

Speaking of her "scream queen" gimmick she has worked alongside the current as a valet for; current Shimmer champion MsChif, The Second City Saints and Shark Boy to name but a few.

However, besides her managing career she has also wrestled with and against some of the top women in wrestling, some of which include; Lexie Fyfe, Velvet Sky, and former Knockouts and Women's champion Gail Kim.

Even though beginning her career as a valet she has managed to attain the WCW Cruiserweight championship twice, which for a woman is a good accomplishment to have on your resume.

Another great honour is to make it into the top fifty women wrestlers as selected for by "Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

However I try making an objective profile, so to take the ups with the downs I have to mention TNA 2008. Where she played the confusing gimmick of "The Governor," the reason I find it confusing you may ask.

Why make a wrestler go under the gimmick of a politician, that really wasn't that popular? Doesn't really make much sense and only halted Daffney's impact, until now.

Yes! TNA have heeded our complaints and have brought their product up to a decent level of viewing.

The biggest change (from a women's wrestling fan point of view) was the addition of Daffney to the Abyss storyline, which was slowly growing stale.

Returning back to the scream and having her go to "therapy" is one of the most intriguing storylines TNA have done in the last six or seven months.

Hopefully this will last past the knockouts monster ball at Sacrifice and we get a good push for the German; Shannon Spruill.

- Steven D