The Potential Of The All American, American Jack Swagger

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IMay 11, 2009

Jack Swagger is on his way to becoming a big time player in the WWE. He is big, strong, and athletic.

He also has good mic skills, even though he apparently has a speech impediment

He has been ECW Champion and does well in the ring and out.

Most people say that Swagger is Lesner and Angle rolled into one, but he is not I don't see it. Swagger is Swagger.

he need to be more defined in his body in muscles cause he looks kinda flabby.

Jack Swagger recently had a match with world champion at the time John Cena and almost won. It gave the ECW Title and the rand more prestige because of how close he was to beating Cena.

But you know the creative team. A win over cena that night could have done wonders for his career. But it was the draft and they needed to draft some people to Raw.

Swagger has looked very impressive on ECW. If you know what im saying and mcmahon is very high on him, he has all the ability in the world. He is not my favorite wrestler, I don't even like him, but I like to watch superstars progress in their careers.

He will most likely be taken out of the title picture for a few months to finish the Tommy Dreamer storyline, but then I am sure he will be put back in the title picture. There is not much for Swagger to do on ECW so we will have to wait in see.

With out a doubt, Swagger is a future world champion.