Haloti Ngata and Ryan Kerrigan Battle for Solar System Supremacy as 'The Sun'

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 2, 2013

We are still a few weeks away from any meaningful NFL games being played, so we are going to debate whether Ryan Kerrigan or Haloti Ngata makes for a better sun, and you are going to like it. 

Let's start with the video below spotted by SportsGrid that shows the Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle pretending to be the sun for window company Thompson Creek. 

Forget what I said about him pretending to be the sun, because he is the sun. In fact, Ngata could just sit on your solar-powered devices and charge them in an instant. 

However, Thompson Creek seems pretty dead set on selling you their windows, because they have another video with the Washington Redskins linebacker. 

Here is Kerrigan in a video posted over at The Big Lead

Before we give you the last word on who played the better sun, The Washington Post's Sarah Kogod received some reactions from Kerrigan's teammates, which may resemble your own. 

Niles Paul: “Hahahahahaha”

Darrel Young: “Get the [expletive] outta here.”

Niles Paul (as Kerrigan starts screaming in the commercial):“HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Josh Morgan: “I hope he got paid for that.”

Niles Paul: “Hahahahahahaohmygoodnesshahahaha”

Darrel Young (as Kerrigan dances across the screen): “That’s outta his personality right there. Way outta his personality.”

Niles Paul: [plays the commercial again]

Rob Jackson: “Woooooow.”

Stephen Bowen: “What is it called, and where can I find this?”

Kogod states the players watched the video four times before heading into the locker room, which is about how many times I viewed the video before feeling fully satisfied. 

Now Ngata certainly sells himself as the sun. I know if either player showed up at my window dressed in costume, it would warrant some screaming and possibly a sprint to a nearby closet to weep openly. 

However, Kerrigan's dance in the beginning is really what sells the character. Thus, the award for best nearby star goes to the Redskins player. 

Seeing as how we only have various training camps to keep us entertained, we might as well debate these two acting performances in the comments section for the better part of August. 

If any offensive lines are wondering how to properly block out Ngata or Kerrigan, just wear some sunblock with ample amount of SPF protection this season. 


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