My Analysis of the Chicago Bears 2009 Season Part II

Chris RaslenContributor IMay 11, 2009

LAKE FOREST, IL - MAY 01: General manager Jerry Angelo of the Chicago Bears watches a rookie mini-camp practice on May 1, 2009 at Halas Hall in Lake Forest, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

10/18/2009-@Atlanta Falcons

REVENGE!!!! That whats going to be on every bears fan mind when this game starts. Not since the Super Bowl loss has the Bears fan been upset about the team. What makes it  much worse was if we held on for 11...that's right...11 SECONDS, we would've been in the playoffs. Goes to show that every second matters in the game of football.

Anyways, rookie sensation Matt Ryan is going to prove this season that last season wasn't a fluke, and with All Pros Micheal Turner,Roddy White, and former Chief Tony Gonzalez, Ryan has the weapons to do it. If the Bears team didn't have heart on the stop last year, it better have it now.

And since it is primetime, they won't try to make fool of themselves this time. A good run stopping defense and good deep-ball coverage can keep the Bears in this one. Culter and Co. can only worry about John Abrahams in this one so picking the defense shouldn't be too hard.

10/25/2009-@Cincinnati Bengals 

Don't mistake this team as a easy one. The Bengals this season have been pretty low key about their additions this off-season and I wouldnt be surprised if they knocked off the Ravens to go 1-on-1 in the AFC North against Pittsburgh. They lost Housh to Seattle but gained Laveranues Colesas his replacement.

They also signed former Cowboy Roy Williams and former Bear Tank Johnson. With Tank, Odom, Micheal Johnson at line; Maualuga, "Globe-Tackling" Dhani Jones, and Keith Rivers as Linebackers, and Roy Williams in the backfield, the Bengals defense looks significantly better.

The offense shouldn't be looked over as well with the return of All Pro QB Carson Palmer and the receiving duo of Chad Ochocinco, Chris Henry, and now-an-ok-runningback Cedric Benson.

The Bengals can go back to the dominace of what they were in 2005 and if that so happens, the Bears gotta be on their top game. Tank and Cedric will look to be playing their game as well. Keep the pressure of Cutler and don't make Cedric look like a All-Pro.


11/1/2009- Cleveland Browns

This team gained so many players this offseason, IMO not even gunna go into it. But with it all, they didn't deal with the QB issue. Im gunna shorten this up by saying if the Brady Quinn can't be the dominant QB that the Browns drafted him for, then its going to be a long season for them.

Their defence is still in shambles and all the offensive threats are in question (Lewis is really getting up in age, Stallworth may not play, Edwards is unhappy, and Winslow is gone). I know i said won't make predictions in this, but honestly I don't see Cleveland winning at all in this matchup.


11/8/2009-Arizona Cardinals

A lot has changed since the comeback game, the Cardinals gotten better and the Bears got worse. Whether Boldin leaves this team or not, the Cardinals offense is very dangerous. Fitz is in the prime of his career and is in a league pf his own now, Steve Breaston can easily replace Boldin if he leaves, and Ol' Reliable Kurt Warner is coming back to league with vengeance.

Edgerrin James's departure won't be missed with with Ohio State product Beanie Wells now running along with Tim Hightower. The Cardinal defence hasn't changed much but Darnell Docket, Karlos Dansby, Rodger-Cromartie and Antrol Rolle can make the defense better than it was.

The biggest concern to going into this game will be the Cards offense. Doesn't matter if the Bears offense does well, if Cards offense plays well then the Bears will not win this game.