NBC Will Bring 'Matrix'-Type Replay to NFL Game, Because the Future Is Awesome

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 2, 2013

NBC would like you to take the red pill and spiral down the rabbit hole of awesome. 

SportsGrid reports NBC will bring "freeD" (Free Dimensional Video) to the opening NFL clash between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants in Week 1. 

On Sunday, Sept. 8, fans will see replays that look a great deal like this. 

For reaction, we tip our hats to the greatest screen actor of all time. 

Wait, that's the wrong movie. 

That's better. 

"Bullet time" is just one of the many things that made The Matrix such a highly enjoyable movie, and also made us forgive Keanu Reeves' acting.

Since that time, the manner in which filmmakers can replicate the effect has been well documented. The short version: You have a number of cameras shooting the same subject from various angles

In much the same way, NBC is bringing a little bit of Matrix to the only place equipped with the mandated number of cameras at the moment, the Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Stadium. 

As SportsGrid notes, other stadiums should follow suit to provide coverage of nearly every conceivable angle of a certain play. 

No Film School posted a video that should give you some semblance of how the technology works. Remarkably, the render on similar captures is only, on average, 30 seconds. 

PetaPixel reports NBC plans to have two 24-camera rigs set up in each end zone for the big game in Week 1. 

If you are wondering what that might entail, PetaPixel directs our attention to NHK, who created a remarkable robotic rig that seems to stop time. 

We have to note that NHK's version is not what NBC will do, but the report does offer that it should be similar. 

What does this mean for fans? It means you get to have one more thing to enjoy and, in time, get used to. That means, years from now, we will all complain about how we don't get the freeD replay quick enough, or how it didn't show the angle we really wanted. 

Enjoy the show on Sept. 8, when this captivating visual trinket features as a novelty. The only downside is that the technology is a year late to the party. 

We really could have used 24 simultaneous shots of the butt fumble. 


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