Adam Wainwright and Matt Holliday Have Mastered the Art of the Dugout Handshake

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 2, 2013

This might not be the handshake the St. Louis Cardinals need, but it's the one they deserve. 

Bob's Blitz spotted this video of Matt Holliday and Adam Wainwright hooking up for the least slick MLB handshake we have ever seen. 

The whole thing apparently went down right before the Cardinals took on the Pittsburgh Pirates on Thursday night. In effect, the two stars were trying to do their best to shake off some of the stress that comes with playing the division leaders on the road. 

Well, it worked. 

The Cardinals would snap a seven-game losing streak with a tremendous showing of offense, taking the game, 13-0. 

All credit goes to this awkward handshake, which we demand the star outfielder and staff ace perform before each and every game. 

Sure, we have spotted many slick, fast-paced iterations from other players before. However, you can do what these guys did right now, with absolutely no practice. 

It all starts with Holliday delivering a firm handshake that has the ace writhing in pain. Apparently, that's just the start of this gesticulating masterpiece. 

At some point, these two guys actually discussed this beauty, and they settled on a dramatic pose-off after their simple handshake, which is akin to a painter applying a perfect brushstroke to the canvas. 

Wainwright then just sort of dances as Holliday takes it all in. And then, boom—13 runs and 17 hits later, the Cardinals are now just 1.5 games behind the Pirates in the NL Central. 

Coincidence? Of course not. 


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