WWE SummerSlam 2013: Stars Who Fans Will Be Buzzing About After PPV

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistAugust 3, 2013

WWE SummerSlam 2013: Stars Who Fans Will Be Buzzing About After PPV

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    SummerSlam is hyped as the second-largest pay-per-view of the year, which means WWE always has a few surprises planned to make the show special.

    Daniel Bryan is already garnering a lot of attention as the No. 1 contender for the WWE title, but Bryan is not the only one who will walk out of SummerSlam making headlines. Depending on how the rest of the card turns out from here, several championships could end up changing hands at the big event.

    The card is still far from full, but most of the matches that will fill the rest out seem pretty obvious from the current storylines.

    Numerous Superstars will come away from SummerSlam with a lot of buzz surrounding their names. This slideshow will examine those most likely to come away from SummerSlam having gained the most.

Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan is already one of the guys everyone is talking about, but just imagine how much attention he will get if he wins the WWE title at SummerSlam.

    Bryan does not fit the "WWE mold," but he has managed to move past those misconceptions to become one of the best performers in the company.

    SummerSlam will no doubt feature a great match between Cena and Bryan, but seeing Bryan have his hand raised at the end is what will really make the roof blow off the arena.

    There was a long time where people were under the impression that Vince McMahon was not very high on Daniel Bryan. That has been refuted by recent reports, according to the Wrestling Observer (h/t Jeremy Thomas, 411mania.com).

    If McMahon really believes in Bryan, then we will probably see a new champion come SummerSlam, and that is something we sorely need.

CM Punk and Brock Lesnar

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    It really doesn't matter if CM Punk beats Brock Lesnar or not. People will be talking about both men after the match either way.

    Punk will be the first guy to face Lesnar since he returned who is not nearly on the same level as him in terms of strength, which will make this a very different match than we have seen from Lesnar.

    Punk will have to rely on his speed and skill, and he will have to be more violent in order to sell a victory over Lesnar. That, of course, all depends on if Punk wins.

    If Punk loses, then it is very likely we will see another Punk vs. Lesnar match down the line, which will no doubt lead to more Punk/Heyman interactionsand that is never a bad thing.

    This match will be one of the matches that sells the whole card. Even though Punk is already a top star in WWE, a match with Lesnar will give him a little boost and keep people talking.

    CM Punk is arguably the most talented performer Lesnar is going to face since his return to the ring, so this match will have high expectations from fans.

The Usos

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    All signs point to some kind of match between The Shield and The Usos at SummerSlam. If the match is for the tag team titles, then it is possible we could see new champions come August 18.

    If this happens, then The Usos' profile will be raised significantly in WWE.

    The Shield have beaten everyone in the upper echelon of WWE, but if they lose the titles to The Usos, it will really give the twin brothers a chance to finally solidify themselves as the top tag team in WWE.

    The Usos are exciting and very talented, and sometimes it is a mystery as to how they stayed out of the title picture for so long. Hopefully, all that changes after SummerSlam.

    A team like The Usos can really help the division if WWE books them properly, and lately they have been booked very well by creative. Let's hope that trend continues after the PPV.

    The Shield have been in slump recently, and losing the titles might actually free them up to focus on bigger fish in the pond.

The Wyatt Family

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    The Wyatt Family came into WWE with a series of well-made vignettes that showcased their unique gimmick, and they immediately made their mark by attacking Kane.

    Nothing official has been made yet, but some kind of encounter will happen at SummerSlam. Kane might face Bray Wyatt alone, or he could possibly be forced to team up with someone to take on the whole group.

    Whatever ends up happening, you know The Wyatts will be a hot topic of discussion following SummerSlam.

    WWE was wise to use them sparingly right after their debut. Overexposure of the group before their first big match might have actually hurt them. Keeping them off TV for a week here or there makes fans want more, and eventually we will get it.

    Once The Wyatts dispatch Kane, it is really anyone's guess as to what will happen with the group next, but one thing is for sure: The Wyatts will be a force to be reckoned with in WWE.


A Few More Thoughts

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    The Shield usually make their biggest impact at PPV events, but SummerSlam does not seem like it is going to turn out well for any members of The Shield.

    The possibility of one or both MITB winners cashing in and winning also opens up the possibility for Randy Orton and/or Damien Sandow to be one of the most talked about people at the end of the night.

    Curtis Axel needs to have a great match, if he even gets one, because he has not really clicked with the WWE universe yet. Sheamus is in limbo, The Real Americans seem to be without direction, Miz has been reduced to hosting the show, and Dolph Ziggler seems to be moving further and further away from getting his title back.

    Anything can happen in WWE, so you never know who will end up in the headlines after an event, but SummerSlam is a big event, so every win matters. Who do you think will garner the most attention after SummerSlam?


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