A Week of Frustration for Me

Anthony HammettCorrespondent IMay 11, 2009

What did I do to deserve this? I watch sports like a loyal fan and I support my teams on a nightly basis. Why can't I catch a break? When will it be my time to shine? Not quite sure what I mean? Well, let me let you into my world.

The NBA Playoffs have begun and I am pumped. The Hawks almost blew the series against Miami but came up big in Game seven and moved on.

It wasn't likely that Atlanta could contend with Cleveland, or as I like to call them, "LeBron and everybody else." I still didn't expect it to be this bad.

Atlanta continues to have the worst half court offense of any team in the playoffs, as I've said in articles previously. Josh Smith should be tazed every time he tries a shot from 15 feet out or more. Joe Johnson isn't aggressive at all. Mike Bibby is crucial to the Hawks' success, and since he is a free agent that doesn't leave a good feeling either.

So I've said before in an article about how I became to like the Hawks AND the Magic. I am from Georgia and been here my whole life. Dominique Wilkins was my favorite player. I hated the Hawks when he got traded. I became an Orlando fan. Now I like them both.

Words cannot describe my frustration with Orlando right now. Normally, you wouldn't want your coach fired if you were two games away from the Conference Finals. However, Stan Van Gundy is killing me as a fan.

I have read replies to previous articles where I mention this about how Dwight Howard doesn't demand the ball enough or use his voice as a leader the way he should. I personally feel its because Van Gundy is always trying to hurt his confidence and never let him think he is as good as he is, but that could be just me.

With that being said, there is no reason why Orlando should not be leading this series three games to one right now. Big Baby Davis is becoming a man in this series and Rondo is putting up Magic Johnson like assist numbers to go along with double digit point performances.

Rafer Alston slapping Eddie House was just plain stupid. It was uncalled for and he deserved a longer suspension than what he got. I'm glad they got him to fill the spot of Jameer Nelson once he went down, but I would not care if they didn't bring him back next year.

In the world of baseball, I am a die hard Chicago Cubs fan. That's all I do as a Cubs fan is die hard. This year doesn't appear to be any different. They are still very much contenders for their division title, and Manny missing all this time for the Dodgers opens up the NL more, but the Cubs just don't appear to have it.

Derrek Lee, Geovany Soto, and Milton Bradley have all hit horrendous slumps at the same time. Aramis Ramirez is out for 4-6 weeks with a dislocated shoulder. If the Cubs have any chance, the pitching has to stay healthy and no more players in that lineup can hit slumps (Fukudome, Theriot, Fontenot).

In NASCAR, I have always supported Dale Jr. since his father died. I'm at the point to where I want to stop doing that as well. Mark Martin has won me over this year and I'm tired of Jr. not even being in the top 10 at any point of a race usually. His father died way too soon and Jr. isn't mature enough to handle matters on his own.

That's just a small glimpse at how frustrating my sports life can be on a day to day basis. I'm sure one day all of my teams will get a championship before I die. It just doesn't appear that the championship will come anytime soon. Here's to living forever!