World Freestyle Football Champ Makes Mind-Blowing Skills Video in London

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There’s no shortage of “insane” soccer juggling videos on the Internet, but few hold a candle to the latest exhibition by world freestyle champion Andrew Henderson.

Henderson’s latest video takes place in downtown London, where he incorporates several historic and contemporary landmarks around the city.

Brandon Wenerd of BroBible picked up the footage, and it’s hard to explain in words all the different moves this young man can do with a soccer ball.

He tears it up in front of Tower Bridge, lying on his back and juggling with the bottom of his feet next to the River Thames. He pulls a flip off the couch at the YouTube office. He juggles from a seated position, hangs from the handles inside a metro car and “goes to sleep” in the park.

He does it all.

Most mind-bending, perhaps, is his ability to cradle the ball with his head and neck. He can do pushups with the ball on his dome and walk down flights of stairs with barely a wobble. Don’t forget the inverted handstand tuck in the train station. That’s not amateur work.

Fittingly enough, Henderson isn’t an amateur. In 2011, the then-19-year-old from Truro, Cornwall won the World Freestyle Football Championship in Malaysia. He was the cream of the competition, doing a number of the moves seen in this video, including his signature “horizontal keepy uppy.”

According to the Daily Mail, he began working on his skills at the age of 15. He would kick around tennis courts with friends and worked at his craft 10 hours a day.

He is now a professional freestyle footballer who travels the world to perform in competitions. He has even done stunt work in a Nike commercial for former Manchester United striker Michael Owen.

This is the top pro freestyler at the top of his game. Respect the moves.

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