Blake Griffin and 'Dr. Drain' Team Up for New Nike Air Jordan Commercial

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Paging Doctor Drain. Doctor Drain, can you please report to the blacktop? We have some dunk that needs administering.

Nike has rolled out a new ad pumping up Blake Griffin’s new shoe, the Super.Fly 2, and it's probably one of the best things ever.

Titled “Blake and Drain,” Nike’s new ad shows the Los Angeles Clippers star searching the sidelines for a teammate to complete his pickup game. “Old School” is sitting courtside, but he’s busy with a crossword puzzle. He doesn’t want to run.

Luckily for Griffin (and humanity as a whole), D'arryl Drain is at the park today. A beanpole of a young man in strap-back goggle glasses, Drain does want to "go for a run."

"Can you shoot?" Griffin asks.

"Can a butterfly sing?"

What does that...mean?

It doesn’t matter what it means. What does matter is Drain’s sublime ability to fill the air around the rim with basketballs. The little man couldn’t shoot his way onto a fifth-grade "B" team, but he can alley-oop it at an NBA level.

Griffin quickly figures out this fact. The rest is history and amazing one-liners. Nearly every line in this commercial is laugh-out-loud funny.


If you’re even reading anymore (the commercial is that good), Nike pulled out a diamond with this ad. “Blake and Drain” is a television spot that will play well to a wide audience, who will be hopeless to resist the unlikely tale of friendship between Griffin and this cocky, four-eyed wunderkind, who may or may not be the 15-year-old version of Spike Lee.

Just look at these guys.

All in all, it’s a phenomenal effort by Nike, Griffin and the gang.


Dr. Drain is here, and he’s your new favorite street baller.

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