Blake Griffin's 'Blake and Drain' Jordan Ad Shows Clippers Star's Dunking Skills

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Blake Griffin can still dunk.

In his latest commercial for the Jordan brand, we find Griffin looking for a sixth man on the blacktop. After being turned down by "Old School," D'arryl Drain tells him he will run with Griffin and crew.

"Can you shoot?" Blake asks.

"Can a butterfly sing?" Drain responds.

Turns out a butterfly can't sing, because Drain can't shoot. But like Josh Smith, he thinks he can.

Unlike J-Smoove or anyone else not on the Los Angeles Clippers, Drain has a teammate who can fly and convert his off-putting shot attempts into highlight-reel-worthy jams.

Every time Drain throws up a shot, Griffin soars on screen to clean it up, finishing at the rim—well above everybody. Just like always.

Following a few midgame celebratory sodas, Griffin and Drain get back to work, the latter continuing to miss horribly—the former showcasing his insane leaping ability.

Serial shooting never looked so good.

Let this be a cautionary tale for anyone who chooses not to take ill-advised jumpers seriously when Griffin is on the court: He's always one teammate's miss away from putting you on a poster.

Drain never misses an opportunity to, well, miss, just as Griffin never passes on the chance to take flight.

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