Resorting to an MMA Invasion Can Help and Hurt TNA Wrestling

David LevinSenior Writer IIAugust 2, 2013

We all can see the immediate future of TNA’s Impact Wrestling. After Thursday night’s “stunner” with the arrival of Tito Ortiz as the “August 1” mystery man, it appears the wrestling promotion will continue to use its connection with Bellator MMA to help bring in fans and hopefully keep the sinking ship afloat.

As Ortiz made his appearance at the end of Thursday night’s broadcast, I personally was shocked only because I thought it might be another wrestler who had been shunned by the wrestling promotion.

I suppose the joke was on me because I thought it was Adam Pierce.

Ortiz, one of the most decorated and highly popular MMA fighters of all time, will certainly add some depth to the TNA scene, but is he truly the right way to go for TNA, who will use him as a rival of Rampage Jackson in the Main Event Mafia?

Here are a few thoughts.

TNA had already tried to use King Mo as part of their wrestling package, however that ship has sailed. Bobby Lashley was a wrestler who left the WWE, started to compete in MMA and was trying to do both professional wrestling and MMA fighting. We haven't seen or heard from Lashley in some time.

While Jackson and Ortiz are the two highest profile MMA fighters to hit the TNA scene so far, does this mean another faction will start up in TNA? Could we see more fighters make the transition like a Ken Shamrock did and a Dan Severn was so successful at? The one where a part-time Brock Lesnar is currently holding the WWE hostage of sorts and poor booking has led to a stagnant CM Punk/Lesnar angle?

I personally hope not.

This is also something to do with the upcoming Bellator Fighting Championship on Nov. 2 where the two fighters will meet, according to

Years ago Ric Flair said in many an interview “The name on the marquee is wrestling,” which to that reply I ask, “Can these guys coming in not only fight and wrestle, but also deliver and rake in money?”

Not even the new Jackson vignette with his comments about wrestling changing his life lead me to believe he can be a “game changer.”

Ortiz is charismatic, has a great look, has a great past to recall and let’s not forget, there is always his relationship with Jenna Jameson. But those things alone will not allow for him nor Jackson to save TNA.

A week ago, TNA President Dixie Carter addressed the fans of the promotion and the media as to the recent roster moves and discussion about money issues within the company.

Sounds to me like the company is either trying to camouflage the problems that exist or trying to throw money at a money problem in hopes of making money instead of losing everything in sight.

If TNA is really serious about an “invasion” angle, then why stop at just Jackson and Ortiz? While I have thought Jackson could be an ideal fit in wrestling before, TNA should look at other wrestlers who could make this angle work.

If not, it is just a promotional stint that could make the company look very stupid in the end.