Jungle Bird Reappears at Soccer Match, Takes Pitiful Penalty Kick

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Hey, that crazy fan who just ran onto the field to take a penalty shot looks familiar. 

Thankfully, Deadspin's Tom Ley clears up our brief consternation by assuring us that is indeed famed U.S. Open video bomber Jungle Bird. 

It seems Mr. Bird has been keeping busy and honing his craft of showing up at random times to embark on equally arbitrary antics. 

For his most recent sporting endeavor, Jungle Bird runs out onto San Francisco's AT&T Park during a International Champions Cup match between Juventus and Everton. 

Not content to merely stop the game and grab the attention of soccer fans, the man who is a dedicated deforestation activist runs into the box to steal the penalty kick away from Kwadwo Asamoah. 

Amid your chuckles, you might want to give Jungle Bird a hard time for one lousy penalty. However, Deadspin spotted this Facebook post explaining exactly why he may have gone easy on poor ol' Tim Howard out there. 

"Btw, just to set the record straight, i couldn't have scored because I would have put Juventus one up." 

He then used an emoji to punctuate his statement, which is where I begin to lose all the respect I once had for the man. 

In all seriousness, Jungle Bird is just doing what he does best. He shows up when you least expect him to and does what other pitch invaders fail to accomplish: He makes the athletes laugh. 

We have seen so many fans take the field, only to receive a hard hit or venomous scorn from players on the pitch, as they should. 

Rarely do we see players on the sidelines enjoy such madness as they seem to do here. 

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