Would a Heel Turn Return Sheamus to Main Event Spotlight?

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Sheamus being a heel is the only thing that would make him matter again.

Most wrestlers are better as heels. It's easier to get over and for fans to get emotionally involved with the character. It's always easier to hate than love in wrestling. That's why when a babyface genuinely gets over with solid fan support, it's such a big deal. Look at Daniel Bryan.

You might not make as much money in the long run as a heel, but a wrestling company can never have too many talented heels—key word being talented. A bunch of talented heels can make almost anyone a strong babyface for the night.

Sheamus is a big Irish fighter with bright red hair and pale skin. There is nothing heroic about this, but it is very marketable. The way he was presented when he made his main roster debut in WWE is what he needs to get back to being.

I remember WWE being at Madison Square Garden and he kicked Jerry Lawler.

It felt so intriguing and made Sheamus seem like such a terrible person. He “retired” Jamie Noble right off the bat. A veteran decided he would end his television career and give that rub to Sheamus. That's not a heel that you need to try to make a comedian telling jokes. The comedy inserting the word “fella” in every statement runs dry real quick.

The longer Sheamus remains a babyface, the longer he will coast along in neutral. He could attack any babyface in the vicious style he's capable of and it would be an instant success. He would be back. He would be relevant.

Sheamus has too many natural gifts in the ring to continue to allow this crap presentation of him to continue. Forget 1-800-Fella. Dial 1-800-Waste because that's the direct line to Sheamus' career right now.