Fan Gets Ripped After Asking Ronda Rousey How Much Sex She Has Before Fights

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Apparently, asking for an autograph just doesn't do it for fans anymore.

UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey snapped at a fan who dared to ask her about how much sex she has before a fight.

A tip of the hat to Yahoo! Sports' Maggie Hendricks for spotting this brilliant moment when an athlete decided to make an example out of a rude fan and cut him down in front of every captivated bystander. 

Twitter user Eric Holden uploaded the video to YouTube and claims the fan asked Rousey how many times she has sex before her fights.

If the amateur interviewer had a smartphone and about two seconds to check, he would have found multiple cases where Rousey answers this very question. 

For instance, here with Jim Rome, via Hendricks

And here on HBO's Real Sports

And here with Conan O'Brien

Just think of how annoyed you get when you are asked the same question three times. Of course, that's not what's really going on here. 

As Hendricks points out, there are two completely different venues presented here. In one case, she is in a studio with a professional who knows how to maneuver an interview, and the line of questioning has most likely been offered or vetted in advance. 

It's far removed from just shouting at a woman you have never met about how much sex she has. 

It's really not that difficult, fans. Treat athletes with respect, and they will do the same in return. In fact, Rousey has a brilliant method of testing any question in case you are still confused: "If your mother was standing behind you and heard you ask that question, what would she say to you?"

We all know why the fan was asking the question: He caught wind of how Rousey has answered in the past and wanted to garner a similar response.

Well, he certainly received one. As it turns out, Rousey destroys people outside of the cage also. 

And it's beautiful. 

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