Peter King's Tour Bus Gets Stuck in Ditch, Total Coverage Ensues

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 1, 2013

Image via @SI_PeterKing
Image via @SI_PeterKing

Come on, Peter. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Peter King is kicking off the launch of his Monday Morning Quarterback website by hitting the road and touring NFL training camps across the nation. Unfortunately, things appear to be off to a muddy start.

According to Joe Student of Busted Coverage, Sports Illustrated’s senior NFL writer was on his way from New York to Ohio on Wednesday night when his RV entrenched itself in a ditch in Jamestown, N.Y. Ever the consummate reporter, King began covering the event and tweeted out a picture of the stranded vehicle struggling in the middle of a field:

Fortunately for King, the grounds crew of the Jamestown Jammers, a Class-A short-season affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates, was on hand to help dig his vehicle out of the mire:

It took a group of eight men and a bulldozer to unwedge the vehicle, but free the hulking beast they did. King was eternally grateful for the help:

Thus ended the harrowing coverage of the Battle of King’s Stranding. It began with a writer's bus landing in muck, and, like the Fall of Saigon, he covered it as best he could before getting out of town.

It’s not clear how the vehicle ended up in a field in the first place, but we've seen these incidents happen to press buses before.

An NFL version of the Russell Westbrook cornfield accident would likely involve Rob Gronkowski at the wheel, telling everyone he knows a shortcut. Naturally, King would doze off and wake up the next morning to find the vehicle stuck in a tree.

How did the vehicle get there? Gronk doesn't know, but he made breakfast—and he really hopes you like huevos rancheros.

Hopefully, the rest of King’s tour goes smoothly. If it doesn’t, however, you know where to check back for in-depth coverage of the Michelin Massacre—when flat tires push a man and his lug wrench to the edge of exhaustion.


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