Ambunda vs. Kameda: El Mexicanito Defeats the Rock Via Unanimous Decision

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIAugust 1, 2013

image from Carlos Costa of Boxing Scene
image from Carlos Costa of Boxing Scene

Tomoki "El Mexicanito" Kameda (28-0) made history on Thursday in the Philippines. By defeating WBO bantamweight champion Paulus "The Rock" Ambunda (20-1) by unanimous decision, El Mexicanito became the third Kameda brother to win a major championship.

Never before have three brothers held major championships. Koki is the current WBA bantamweight champion, and Daiki held the WBA flyweight title in 2010. If Daiki wins his bout with Rodrigo Guerrero in September, the Kameda brothers could make more history by holding world titles simultaneously.

Tomoki's bout with Ambunda was truly a matchup of top-notch fighters. Each man came into the fight undefeated and showed tremendous respect for his opponent's skills.

El Mexicanito took control of the bout toward the middle rounds with his three-inch height advantage. He had somewhat established the jab early, but the body work he began near the fourth round paid dividends late.

While neither man was ever in serious danger in the fight, Kameda outboxed the champion to earn the victory. The punches to the body seemed to leave Ambunda less than fresh in the final rounds.

The energy advantage late was likely the deciding factor in the fight. Ambunda couldn't overcome Kameda's size, and he didn't have the power to make his shots on the inside count. Stylistically, this matchup clearly favored Kameda.

Looking ahead, the 22-year-old Japanese fighter has plenty of options. Because Tomoki and Koki are both bantamweight champions, it is inevitable that questions will arise about the possibility of a bout between the brothers.

It remains to be seen whether the Kameda brothers will resist the concept as the Klitschko brothers have in the heavyweight division, but it would no doubt draw some interest from fans.

For now, the Kameda brothers can bask in the glory of their historic feat.


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