TNA 10 Reunion 2013: Match Card, Live Stream and Spoiler-Free Preview

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2013

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade, you have come across TNA Wrestling at some point. As a celebration of the 10 years the company has been in business, August’s One Night Only pay-per-view has been entitled "Reunion."

The pre-taped PPV—filmed months ago on March 17—will feature several marquee matches that include current stars of Impact Wrestling and many faces from the past that have shined on the company’s stage.

While the excitement around these One Night Only shows hasn’t been what the company expected, that doesn’t discount the stellar wrestling that fans will see on Friday if they can watch this event.


Where: Impact Zone, Orlando, Fla.

When: Friday, Aug. 2 at 8 p.m. ET (Pre-Taped)

Watch: Pay-Per-View for $14.95 (check your local listings)

Live Stream: TNA On Demand


Full 2013 TNA 10 Reunion Card

Four-Way X Division Elimination Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Kazarian vs. Petey Williams vs. Kenny King

Knockouts Match: Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

Gauntlet Match: Matt Morgan, Joseph Park, Shark Boy, Johnny Devine, Cassidy Reily, Robbie E, Chase Stevens, ODB, Johnny Swinger, Jessie Godderz and Mr. Anderson

Team 3D vs. The Latin American Xchange vs. Bad Influence

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe


Main Event Preview and Prediction

When Kurt Angle squares off against Samoa Joe in the main event of TNA’s Reunion show, the duo will be rehashing the greatest feud in company history.

Angle’s jump from WWE to TNA was a huge move in the wrestling industry. Coupled with his first feud against Samoa Joe—one of the most brutal and hard-fought battles in the 10 years of TNA—this remains one of the most marquee matches possible.

The in-ring work in this bout will be incredibly stiff. If you love hard-fought wars that leave both men battered and bruised, this is the match you’ve been looking for. Neither Samoa Joe nor Angle will be pulling punches in this chance to show off.

With both men also trying to make the other look great, this will be the perfect main event.

Angle will steal the win after a long series of near-falls, but the post-match celebration will feature both TNA veterans embracing and sending the crowd home happy.

Prediction: Kurt Angle wins, but both men embrace to close the show.


Underrated Match You Can’t Miss: Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

Jeff Hardy has come a long way since his actions at Victory Road 2011, and the Charismatic Enigma will help put on the best pure match of the night against the best superstar TNA currently has, Austin Aries.

Aries and Hardy are two high-flying wrestlers that have enough experience in the ring to ensure that this bout is not only the best of the night, but easily could become an instant classic. Each man will be looking to top the other, so expect plenty of insane moves and heart-stopping moments.

As much as Aries should be the future of the company, Dixie Carter and the TNA officials behind the scene love Hardy and his selling power too much.

Look for the Charismatic Enigma to hit a final Swanton bomb and seal his victory.

Prediction: Jeff Hardy beats Austin Aries in the best technical match of the night.


Full Predictions for Entire Card

James Storm will defeat Bobby Roode via the last-call superkick because this is a one-off PPV and faces tend to thrive in these situations. This match should be excellent, though, as both men have great chemistry with each other.

Team 3D (comprised of Bully Ray and Devon) will beat both The Latin American Xchange and Bad Influence in what should be a great throwback match to an age in which three-team tag team matches were one of the best aspects of wrestling.

In the gauntlet match featuring 11 superstars—Matt Morgan, Joseph Park, Shark Boy, Johnny Devine, Cassidy Reily, Robbie E, Chase Stevens, ODB, Johnny Swinger, Jessie Godderz and Mr. Anderson—it will be Anderson that sneaks out the win because no one else in the match besides the fired Morgan deserves to win. It will be great to see that out of 11 participants, only three are currently used on TV (including ODB).

Velvet Sky will beat Gail Kim via roll-up pin because TNA needs another face win on the card for the fans in attendance and at home.

The wildest match of the night should be the four-way elimination match in the X Division. As great as it would be to see Kenny King get a nice rub for his hard work, the winner will be Kazarian.


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