WWE Smackdown: 3 Bold Predictions and 3 Superstars to Watch for Aug. 2

Alex MussoFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2013

WWE Smackdown: 3 Bold Predictions and 3 Superstars to Watch for Aug. 2

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    Another week, another set of predictions and Superstars to watch for on WWE SmackDown. This week's show was taped last week, as WWE is touring overseas this week. So, that means many, if not most, of you have seen the spoilers. If so, don't bother reading any further.  

    Last week, I apparently was not clear enough about my spoiler policy. Even though I stated in the second paragraph of the very first slide I do not read TV taping result spoilers, I guess that was somehow confusing. So let's try this again, but this time in bold so no one misses it.

    This article contains non-spoiler previews and predictions for the WWE SmackDown episode airing 8/2/2013. I DO NOT READ ANY TV TAPING SPOILERS, and these predictions are not based in any way on spoiler articles.

    I go out of my way to NOT read spoilers of TV tapings. The ONLY spoilers I incorporate into this article series are spoilers reported on WWE.com or any of their social media outlets. Please DO NOT put any spoilers in the comment section, as this article is meant for those readers who have not read the spoilers.

    There, now I hope that was as clear as I could possibly make it using language appropriate for all readers. It's a shame I have to put that in bold, but some people just don't read what you write and then criticise you for doing exactly what you explicitly state you have not done. But I digress.

    Since the websites I typically check don't have the previews out yet, I was forced to pull it off a non-spoiler forum, which you can see here. OK, let's get on with this, shall we?

Superstar to Watch: Christian

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    Earlier this week, Christian made it into the WWE Power Rankings at No. 10. He then got a big win over Alberto Del Rio on Raw. He reversed the cross armbreaker and rolled up the World Heavyweight champion for the win.  

    With no clear challenger for Del Rio's title, that win could give Christian a leg up on the competition in regards to getting a title shot.  

Bold Prediction: Cody Rhodes Will Defeat Jack Swagger

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    Cody Rhodes is hot right now. He's constantly getting under Damien Sandow's skin, and he's winning his matches. Swagger, well, is in an a less-than-desirable position.  

    Rhodes could use this win to gain momentum on his way to SummerSlam, while getting a big win over a quality opponent. Expect Rhodes to get the win, despite Sandow's best attempts to foil him.  

Superstar to Watch

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    Speaking of Damien Sandow, keep an eye on him this week. Still reeling from losing his Money in the Bank briefcase to the Gulf of Mexico, Sandow needs to bounce back and fast.

    Plus, if he can't fish out his contract, does he still have a guaranteed title match? We'll hopefully find out more Friday.

Bold Prediction: AJ Lee Will Retain Her Divas Championship

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    AJ Lee and Kaitlin have become bitter rivals and are clearly the best thing going in the Divas division. And it appears, we'll be treated to a title match between the two on SmackDown.

    AJ is clearly losing it, but I'd still put my money on her. With SummerSlam just over two weeks away, AJ will do whatever she must to retain that title going into WWE's second-most important pay-per-view. In case that's a bit fuzzy, AJ will retain her title.

Superstar to Watch: Teddy Long and Booker T

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    In what may be the least predictable feud in WWE, Booker T and Teddy Long look like they're going to do battle with each other. The real question is how.  

    Clearly, Teddy Long won't be wrestling, so a match between the two is a not happening. So where does this go? Vickie is GM of SmackDown, so it isn't like either one is in a position of power. We'll just have to see where this goes.

Bold Prediction: A True No. 1 Contender Will Be Chosen

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    There are less than three weeks until SummerSlam, and Alberto Del Rio still has no challenger. That will change on SmackDown.  

    There are a few candidates who could be in line for the spot. Rob Van Dam is as popular as anyone and recently lost to Del Rio. He could want revenge.  

    Christian just beat Del Rio on this past Raw and is another likely candidate. But don't sleep on Sheamus. He lost to Del Rio last week on Raw, but broke his ribs in the process.  

    And we'll also have to see how the contender is chosen. Del Rio wants to select his opponent. Vickie Guerrero doesn't seem to be excited about that idea. Will Del Rio get to choose, or will there be a match? Tune in to SmackDown Friday night to find out.