WWE SummerSlam 2013: Most Disappointing Matches in PPV's History

Travis Wakeman@@traviswakeman10Correspondent IIAugust 1, 2013

WWE SummerSlam 2013: Most Disappointing Matches in PPV's History

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    SummerSlam has been an annual WWE pay-per-view event since 1988 and has widely been regarded as the second-biggest event of the calendar year.

    While the event has played host to a number of classic WWE matches, it has also had some that are remembered for other reasons.

    Whether a match was poorly executed or just didn't live up to the hype, it can be considered a disappointment, especially at a huge event such as SummerSlam.

    With the 2013 version of this great WWE event just a little over two weeks away, it gives us a chance to reflect on some of the matches that left a bad taste in our mouths.

Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna- 1993

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    On the Fourth of July in 1993, WWE put together an idea in which Yokozuna would challenge any wrestler or professional athlete to show up on the USS Intrepid to try and bodyslam him.

    After multiple men failed to complete the feat and it looked like no one could do it, a helicopter flew in carrying Lex Luger. Luger was able (video) to get the behemoth Yokozuna up for a bodyslam.

    Instantly, WWE had created a star and a powerful main event for the summer. As Luger toured the nation in a bus known as the Lex Express, he seemed to be creating quite a fan following.

    The two men squared off for the WWE title on August 30, 1993, and it seemed like a sure thing that a new champion would be crowned and WWE would have a new hero with Hulk Hogan no longer around.

    Instead, they went with a head-scratcher of a finish. Luger would win the match after knocking Yokozuna out of the ring with a forearm, earning a count-out victory.

    Of course, the title can't change hands that way, so Yokozuna left with the belt.

    Afterwards, Superstars such as Randy Savage, Tatanka and the Steiner Brothers came out to congratulate Luger, but it felt a little empty since he didn't win the title.

Undertaker vs. "Undertaker"- 1994

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    How bad was this?

    In the summer of 1994, Ted Dibiase claimed to have found The Undertaker, who had not been seen since losing a Casket Match to Yokozuna at the Royal Rumble.

    It seemed plausible. After all, it was Dibiase that introduced The Undertaker to WWE in 1990. However, Paul Bearer soon shot that down, saying Dibiase had an impostor Undertaker.

    This led to a match between Bearer's Undertaker and Dibiase's Undertaker at SummerSlam. Worst of all, it was the main event of the night.

    The two Undertakers wore different colors so viewers knew who was who, and in just nine minutes the real Undertaker dispatched of the impostor after three Tombstone piledrivers.

    It's hard to decide what was worse—this match or the segments in which Leslie Nielsen portrayed a detective, trying to find clues as to Undertaker's whereabouts.

    WWE didn't learn their lesson from this, as they had Kane face an impostor Kane 12 years later.


Diesel vs. King Mabel- 1995

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    There might not have been high hopes for this match as far as being a technical masterpiece goes, but for a main event title match, it was pretty bad.

    Mabel had a ton of momentum after winning the King of the Ring tournament and he seemed a formidable challenger for Diesel's WWE title. But in the ring together, the two put on a slow, boring match.

    Diesel would win the match with a simple clothesline off the middle turnbuckle, bringing an end to the 1995 event.

Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley- 2006

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    This match might have been good had it happened many years before it did.

    Instead, Ric Flair and Mick Foley faced off in an "I Quit" match in 2006. The match did feature many of the famous Foley weapons, such as thumb tacks and a barbed wire baseball bat.

    Still, with the careers of both men near their end, the match seemed to be lacking something. What made it even worse was the involvement of Melina in the match.

    Instead of giving the fans a clear winner, Foley was basically forced to give Flair the win, uttering the words "I quit" before Flair could hit Melina with the baseball bat.

Batista vs. the Great Khali- 2007

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    On August 26, 2007, Batista challenged The Great Khali for the World Heavyweight Championship. It could easily be considered one of the worst matches in SummerSlam history.

    The match itself only lasted about seven minutes and it was a very sloppy performance by both competitors. On top of that, it featured Khali intentionally getting himself disqualified by hitting Batista with a steel chair.

    Khali retained the title with that result, but the fans were probably just happy the match was over.

Team WWE vs. Team Nexus- 2010

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    On the June 7, 2010 edition of Monday Night Raw, the WWE managed to create as much buzz as the wrestling world had seen in years with the arrival of The Nexus (video).

    At Summerslam, a seven-on-seven elimination style match was set up as The Nexus faced a team led by John Cena. Joining Cena were Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, Chris Jericho and Bret Hart.

    The match also started with a great surprise, as Daniel Bryan, who had previously been released by the company, was introduced as the seventh member of the team.

    Team WWE seemed to have all the momentum after this, but The Nexus had been unstoppable to that point.

    The match came down to John Cena against both Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel. As Cena often does, he overcame the odds to eliminate both men.

    This was a disappointing booking move on the part of WWE, as they had a red-hot group in The Nexus which was never the same following this defeat.