The Wyatt Family's Lack of a Push Is Ruining Their Anticipated Debut

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IAugust 1, 2013

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When is the Wyatt Family going to stop beating and start competing?

Since last spring, all we have seen of this oh-so-heavily advertised heel stable are spooky videos, darkened arena entrances and beatdowns of mostly midcard performers. Unless WWE starts putting Bray Wyatt and his minions into actual matches leading to SummerSlam, all this hoopla is going to wind up just making them tired to WWE fans.

Some may say that WWE is not treating the Wyatt Family any differently than the last time a major heel stable debuted. Oh yes, it is.

The Shield burst onto the WWE main-event scene in grand yet unexpected style. They came in and started beating on Ryback at a pay-per-view just as the latter was trying to win his first WWE Championship.

We were not subjected to weeks of creepy mind-control vignettes and even creepier voiceovers with The Shield. And as far as I know, not one of them has ever donned a sheep’s mask in public.

No, The Shield came in and sent shockwaves through the WWE roster, especially the top babyfaces.

Things looked promising when the Wyatt Family finally showed up at an arena and picked Kane as their first victim. The beating that Luke Harper and Erick Rowan gave the Big Red Monster was supposed to be their calling card to the rest of the locker room.

But instead of immediately setting up a solid program against Kane (and possibly The Undertaker) that would blow up SummerSlam, WWE faked a Kane injury and sent the Wyatt Family after midcard stars like 3MB, Justin Gabriel and R-Truth. Stars like John Cena, Sheamus or Randy Orton were nowhere to be found whenever Wyatt’s boys were in town.

To me, that hinders any progress the Wyatt Family might have been making since their arrival. It is one thing to beat up on the secondary talent, but WWE should have chosen to sic Wyatt on more of its A-listers as The Shield did. It’s amazing how attacking big-time fan favorites can generate heat and put heels over.

To its credit, WWE tried to restore some of that heat by bringing Wyatt, Rowan and Harper out earlier this week to once again attack Kane. Obviously, it is supposed to be a precursor to SummerSlam in either a regular or six-man tag match.

But that pay-per-view is almost two weeks away. The jury still is out if WWE can drum up enough interest for the in-ring debut of one of the most interesting heel stables to hit the company in a long time. Obviously, the company will come up with something, but will it be enough to sustain the Wyatt Family’s presence in the long term?

A lot of time has passed between the first Wyatt Family vignette on May 27 and what could be shaping up to be their first real match at SummerSlam later this month. Let’s just hope that the Wyatt Family, which has arrived amid so much promise and hoopla, does not wind up the target of the buzzards they have encouraged us to follow.

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