WWE WTF: Total Divas Debut, Dixie Carter on Twitter and More

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJuly 31, 2013

WTF are the Bellas doing on E?! Whose comeback was given little fanfare by Jim Ross this time? And TNA…WTF?

TNA president Dixie Carter tried to smooth over fan relations with a town hall-type of Q&A session on Twitter. Unfortunately, the boss lady only made things worse. Carter was compelled to apologize for not specifying a time frame of responding to fans on Twitter. If irony were a drug, Carter would be doing five to 10 for possession of an illegal substance.

Total Divas made a strong debut on the E! Network. The WWE-based reality show wasted no time in delving into the drama, which included a heartbreaking WrestleMania revelation for Natalya, The Bellas hooking up with WWE’s top two stars and the fallout from a Funkadactyls rehearsal gone wrong.

Throw in Maria Kanellis’ apparent sponsorship with haterade, and keeping track of all the drama during Total Divas’ hour-long time slot becomes near impossible.

All of this, and the obligatory Stone Cold Steve Austin mention is one click away.