MLB Trade Deadline: Teams That Missed Big Opportunities

Ryan TolmichCorrespondent IIJuly 31, 2013

St. Louis failed to flex their muscle on deadline day.
St. Louis failed to flex their muscle on deadline day.Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The 2013 Major League Baseball trade deadline has come and gone, and a few teams took the opportunity to get themselves in position for a playoff push.

The Red Sox went out and acquired big-name starter Jake Peavy while Baltimore countered with the acquisition of Bud Norris. The Padres, who have a major uphill climb if they hope to reach the postseason, went out and got Ian Kennedy, while Arizona filled a bullpen need by getting lefty Joe Thatcher. Even the offensively challenged Yankees made a move as they acquired the bat of Alfonso Soriano earlier in the week.

However, this deadline may be remembered more for those who didn't make moves than those who did. Let's take a look at some teams that probably should have changed things up on deadline day.


Washington Nationals

Remember that time Washington shut down ace Stephen Strasburg for the playoffs to save him for the future?

Luckily for Washington's front office, it doesn't look like Strasburg will be laboring through many fall innings this season.

Washington currently finds itself seven games out of a wild-card spot and 10.5 games back of the NL East leading Braves.

While the Nats are certainly behind, a late playoff push is far from impossible. 

Are you telling me that the team ranked 27th in runs couldn't use a bat to help swing them into the playoffs? 

For a team that was so good last year, the Nats have seemingly given up on this season. While they are certainly far from done competing with superstars Strasburg and Bryce Harper, this deadline has to come as a disappointment for a team that was one of the league's best last season.


Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers currently find themselves five games behind the unsurprisingly surprising A's, while also only trailing a wild-card spot by one game.

Texas is definitely a major player in the American League playoff race. However, it decided against being a major player in the 2013 trade deadline.

The Rangers could have definitely used a bat, but chose not to explore the option of trading for one.

Texas is currently placing its hopes on the waiver wire when it comes to finding the bat it needs to propel it into fall baseball.

However, will a player discarded by another team be enough to get the Rangers there?

Although Texas didn't want to compromise its farm system, it may come to regret not making a move to help it here and now.


St. Louis Cardinals

Despite currently maintaining a wild-card position, the Cardinals' playoff hopes just got much fuzzier.

St. Louis just placed its best player, catcher Yadier Molina, on the 15-day DL right in the middle of an intense playoff race.

With that being said, someone on St. Louis will now have to step up and make up for the loss of Molina, who is an amazing bat and team leader.

St. Louis decided to stay quiet on deadline day, deciding to stand pat and fight for a playoff position with the team in place.

However, with the news of Molina's injury, the Cardinals could have definitely used a new face to strengthen their club as they battle for October baseball. 

The Cardinals have lost six straight, and they will need something special to happen if they hope to compete with the streaking Pittsburgh Pirates for the NL Central title.


Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies don't have much in common with the rest of this list. Despite being only one game behind the Nats, the Phillies are widely looked at as a pretender. Philadelphia's postseason hopes look slim.

With that being said, this incarnation of the Phillies is done. The 2008 World Series was great and all, but that team is done. Ryan Howard is broken. Chase Utley is old. Roy Halladay is no longer a Cy Young candidate.

But most importantly, Cliff Lee should no longer be wearing red.

Cliff Lee would have been one of the bigger, if not the biggest, names dealt this trade deadline. Philadelphia should have been able to get a few solid prospects for the 34-year-old Cy Young winner.

However, the Phillies decided against dealing Lee this deadline.

Philadelphia has seemingly decided to hold on to the past rather than rebuild for the future. Instead of trading Lee for pieces to improve their team for years to come, the Phillies held onto him for a year where they appear to be a very mediocre baseball club.

Lee should have been dealt, and the Phillies should be looking toward how they can move on from a golden generation of Philadelphia baseball.


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