Nick Diaz and the 5 Sorest Losers in Mixed Martial Arts

James MacDonald@@JimMacDonaldMMAFeatured ColumnistJuly 31, 2013

Nick Diaz and the 5 Sorest Losers in Mixed Martial Arts

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    Being beaten into temporary oblivion in front of an audience of thousands entails not just physical pain but also the kind of ego-shattering mental pain that keeps psychiatrists in business.

    That being said, most mixed martial artists seem to take their licks with a startling amount of grace. But there are a few who react to defeat like a spoiled kid who’s just had his favourite toy confiscated.

    Read on for the rundown of MMA’s sorest losers. As always, include your own suggestions in the comments.

5. Jamie Varner

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    Jamie Varner has had an up-and-down relationship with MMA fans over the years. He’s a strange cat and is the former WEC lightweight king.

    Sometimes Varner comes across as one of the most likeable individuals in the sport and other times he makes Brock Lesnar look genial.

    He was arguably at his most antagonistic after his 2010 loss to Benson Henderson via guillotine choke.

    Rather than take it on the chin, Varner immediately got on the microphone and defiantly declared, “I came to fight. He came to grapple!”

    This would have been bad enough if it were true, but watching a replay of the fight reveals that Varner initiated the majority of the grappling exchanges, including a takedown attempt that led to the fight-ending guillotine.

4. Michael Chiesa

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    Up until UFC on Fox 8, Michael Chiesa had never tasted defeat in mixed martial arts competition.

    In interviews, he always came across as an affable, fairly easy-going character. He seemed to be the type who would lose as gracefully as he wins.

    Imagine everyone’s surprise when the former TUF winner sprinted out of the cage moments after tapping out to a Jorge Masvidal d’arce choke.

    Whether it was an homage to Forrest Griffin or he simply had dinner reservations, it was a bizarre scene.

    In all fairness, Chiesa took to Twitter the next day and apologised for being a poor sport.

    I’d say we should give him the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve already put him on this list.

    And if you are wondering why Forrest Griffin isn't on the list, well, that's because he has sprinted out of the cage after both wins and losses. It seems to be more a symptom of his strangeness than poor sportsmanship.

3. Nick Diaz

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    Few react quite so poorly to defeat as Nick Diaz.

    Unlike most fighters who suffer losses, the former Strikeforce welterweight champ doesn’t take a few days off in order to gain some perspective.

    No, he tends to abandon his chosen career immediately, and without a moment’s hesitation. Seemingly unable to cope with being bested in a scrap, Diaz feels his only option is to retire from the sport entirely.

    This happened after his two most recent losses, to Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit—or “Conduit”, if you’re Nick Diaz.

    But in fairness, people tend not to take the Stockton native too seriously when he “retires.”

2. Paul Daley

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    Paul Daley is a polarizing figure within MMA.

    Many love him for his gun-slinging fighting style, but his cocky attitude hasn’t necessarily endeared him to the majority of the fanbase.

    When he lost to the equally polarizing Josh Koscheck at UFC 113, after having mocked the former NCAA champion wrestler relentlessly in the build-up to the fight, a show of mutual respect was probably too much to ask for.

    Still, we didn’t expect quite such a violent post-fight reaction from the Brit.

    Clearly frustrated after being comprehensively out-grappled for three rounds, Daley rose to his feet and planted a left hook on Koscheck’s cheek.

    Luckily for the TUF season one veteran, the punch didn’t quite land flush. It’s the thought that counts, though.

    To no one’s surprise, Dana White wasted no time in expelling Daley from the promotion.

1. Razi Jabbari

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    You might not have heard of Iranian mixed martial artist Razi Jabbari, unless you pay attention to some of the more bizarre MMA stories that pop up from time to time.

    At “URCC Baguio 3: The Invasion” in 2011, Jabbari had just been mounted and beaten into submission by Honorio Banario.

    The bout lasted all of 90 seconds and, to those in attendance, there didn’t appear to be anything remotely controversial about the bout’s ending.

    Of course, a mixed martial artist scorned doesn’t necessarily need to have a legitimate gripe in order to cause mayhem.

    Rather than react impulsively to the stoppage, Jabbari actually took some time to think about what he was going to do and did it anyway.

    He confronted the referee after the decision was read out and the pair engaged in an impromptu MMA bout, battling with each other against the ring ropes.

    Clearly not satisfied that this scene was sufficiently comical, the URCC promoter, Alvin Aguilar, hopped into the ring and sunk in a rear naked choke on Jabbari, defusing the situation and giving the gobsmacked crowd something to tell their grandchildren about.

    Needless to say, Razi Jabbari hasn’t fought since.