WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from July 31

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIJuly 31, 2013

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

Another week of WWE presents Main Event is in the books, as three matches took place in Houston, Texas. With former champions, rising stars and tag teams all looking for momentum, Main Event was momentous.

So how did it all go down?

R-Truth and Wade Barrett opened up the show, as two former world title contenders looked to get back on track. Both have been active in recent weeks, but winning matches has been something neither has done with consistency.

The Usos and Mark Henry, recently discovered allies, had separate matches, as well. The Usos took on the Prime Time Players, while Mark Henry battled Drew McIntyre of the Three Man Band.

A powerful card, to say the least.


Quick Results

  • Wade Barrett defeats R-Truth via Bull Hammer
  • The Usos defeat Prime Time Players via Diving Splash
  • Mark Henry defeats Drew McIntyre via World's Strongest Slam


R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett

In a match between two stars who have struggled to piece together victories in recent weeks, Wade Barrett took down R-Truth in a highly competitive match. With the crowd fully behind R-Truth, it appeared as if the rapping superstar was going to be the one to break his cold spell.

And then Barrett caught him with the Bull Hammer.

It's about time Barrett got a win.

Both men hit signature moves and brought the house down in Houston, mixing high-risk maneuvers with heavy-impact strikes. From R-Truth's powerbomb out of the corner to Barrett's Winds of Change, neither superstar was willing to give an inch.

Just as R-Truth went for a suicide dive to the outside, however, Barrett's elbow connected clean with Truth's headand the match was over just like that.

Barrett has been in some of the most entertaining clashes in the WWE over recent weeks, including one of the two Money in the Bank matches. While his profile remains high, Barrett has been unable to win very often.

This marked Barrett's second win since April 23.

After defeating one of the tougher wrestlers on the roster, however, Barrett now has the momentum necessary to turn things around. As a wrestler who routinely enters the ring with the world's best, it's now time for him to step up and win when it matters most.

This is a nice step in the right direction.


Prime Time Players vs. The Usos

In our second match of the evening, the Prime Time Players looked to pick up a victory over the Usos. With both teams looking to gain momentum in pursuit of the tag team titles, there was no room for error in this match.

In the end, it was a matter of speed defeating power.

The Usos, currently involved in a feud with The Shield, needed a win after falling to their rivals on Raw. That's exactly what they got, as they fought off the powerhouse known as Titus O'Neil with a flurry of high-risk maneuvers.

In the end, none were as effective as the diving splash that won the match.

Don't think it was easy.

O'Neil and Young continue to develop their team chemistry, working as a unit to control the pace of the matches they compete in. Unfortunately, being competitive wasn't enough in this one, even as they grounded the high-flying Usos.

In the end, it came down to who could close matches out, and with Young knocked out of the ring, the Usos went two-on-one to hit their signature maneuver and pick up a big win as they push for a title match.


Mark Henry vs. Drew McIntyre

For the second consecutive week, Drew McIntyre was in the main event of WWE presents Main Event. This time around, McIntyre opted to leave Three Man Band stablemates Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal in the back.

A poor decision.

McIntyre was forced to wrestle Mark Henry, who is performing in as dominant a fashion as any wrestler in the world. From his one-on-three decimation of The Shield on Monday Night Raw to the pure power that will forever remain, Henry's been all but unstoppable.

McIntyre wasn't the one to bring him down.

Even in defeat, we must give McIntyre his credit.

McIntyre played it physical with Henry early on, taking it two him with striking blows and a trio of clotheslines that knocked the World's Strongest Man to the mat. After getting arrogant, however, McIntyre ran into a freight train.

With a decapitating clothesline, a powerful shoulder block and the World's Strongest Slam, Henry put McIntyre away to maintain his momentum—bad news for The Shield.