Projected 2013-14 Stats for New York Rangers' Top Stars

Jeremy FuchsCorrespondent IIIJuly 30, 2013

Projected 2013-14 Stats for New York Rangers' Top Stars

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    As the offseason comes to a halt, it's time to look forward to the New York Rangers' 2013-14 season.

    Specifically, how will the Rangers' star players perform?

    With a full training camp, there will be no excuse for a bad start.

    What type of stats will the Rangers' best players put up next season? Read on to find out. 

Rick Nash

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    Other than the postseason, Rick Nash had a really good year.

    He scored 21 goals and had 21 assists in 44 games.

    In his last full season, Nash scored 30 goals and had 29 assists. It would be a shock if he didn't build upon that.

    There's no reason why Nash, playing under Alain Vigneault, shouldn't have a huge year.

    Look for Nash to score 35 goals and add 34 assists next season.

Derek Stepan

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    Assuming he re-signs, Derek Stepan is poised for a big season.

    Last year was his breakout campaign. He scored 18 goals and had 26 assists. Stepan was the best offensive player on the team last season.

    He looks really comfortable playing with Rick Nash, and the two have shown that they can make beautiful music.

    Now that they will have a full season together, look for Stepan to explode. I'm predicting that he will score 28 goals and add 40 assists. 

Henrik Lundqvist

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    Henrik Lundqvist is the best goalie in hockey, and last season was no different. He posted a 24-16-3 record with a 2.05 goals-against average, and a .926 save percentage.

    The only major difference next season will be the record. He should have a very similar GAA and save percentage. Lundqvist has been consistently great for some time now.

    Look for Lundqvist to post a 38-20-2 record, with a 2.08 GAA and a .930 save percentage.

Ryan McDonagh

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    Ryan McDonagh makes a bigger impact in his own zone than he does on the score sheet.

    Still, he's shown a lot of offensive potential. Last season, he scored four goals and had 15 assists.

    McDonagh does have the ability to play on the power play, and should get more time in those situations. That will increase his point total.

    He won't put up huge numbers, but there will be an increase in production. The prediction here is that McDonagh will score eight goals and post 25 assists next season. 

Brad Richards

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    Brad Richards scored 11 goals and had 23 assists last season. While that's not bad in a shortened year, the season ended with him in the press box.

    So, will Richards have a better year? Will he score more than 20 goals? Or is he going to be a high-priced third line center?

    Because Alain Vigneault promises a wide-open offensive style, there should be more chances for Richards to get some goals. 

    Still, Richards did look a beat or two slower last season, and he will be hard-pressed to top the 25 goals he scored in his first season with the Rangers.

    Look for Richards to score 15 goals and add 30 assists next season. 

Ryan Callahan

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    According to, Ryan Callahan could miss some of the regular season as he recovers from shoulder surgery. 

    How many games he will miss is still unclear. For the purposes of this article, let's say that Callahan will miss 10 games.

    Because of that, he'll obviously have reduced point totals. Last season, he scored 16 goals and 15 assists. He'll improve on that, but probably won't duplicate the 29 goals he scored in 2010-11.

    The prediction here is that Callahan will score 25 goals and add 20 assists next season.