Selecting the Perfect WWE Hall of Fame Class for 2014

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 31, 2013

While the news of Chyna’s potential reunion with DX is still spreading like wildfire all over the WWE Universe, I wonder who the other inductees will be with the Class of 2014.

There are plenty of worthy candidates to choose from. The greatest thing about our heroes calling their careers to an end is the fact that we will soon see them honored for their work and craft. In my world, that means there should me more NWA stars who receive a call to the hallowed halls of the WWE.

These days, you really cannot go wrong with any selection as long as you can justify the choice and you are prepared to fight for your decision. Remember that nothing and everything is fair in the WWE when it comes to the selection process.

The fact that last year’s class was so solid, it will be hard for the WWE to top it.

Yes, consider that a challenge.

While we know DX’s induction into the most sacred of places in wrestling lore is a mere formality, let’s take a look at who will follow them in the doors. Here is a look at some very solid candidates. 

Paul Bearer

This might be the most solid of all choices. The manager of both Kane and The Undertaker and one of the greatest managers of all time should hear the call to the Hall. In light of his death earlier this year and the service he had given not only to the WWF/WWE, Bearer (or Percy Pringle) was a fixture in WCCW and the NWA. 

Jake Roberts

His recovery and his accounts of living with Diamond Dallas Page have been refreshing and inspirational. But that is not what gets Roberts into the Hall. A snake named Damien, a gimmick that has never been duplicated and some of the best performances in WWF history do.

And when it is all said and done, when you look at him from his time in the NWA to Florida to the WWF, Roberts was loved even when he was a hated heel. 


Ax, Smash and Crush were arguable the best threesome in the WWF at the time of their existence. They were the company’s answer to The Road Warriors with their body and face paint and armor. Love them or hate them, they were respected and their brawling tactics were perfect for the era they wrestled in. Because DX is a shoo-in, they may have to wait another year. 


Amy Dumas was one of the greatest to ever wrestle in the company. She could stand alone or with the Hardy’s to form a dynamic stable of high impact and fan favoritism. Once Trish Stratus was inducted, you knew it was only a matter of time before the WWE’s second greatest women’s champion of all time would hear her name called. 

Randy Savage

At some point, Randy Poffo will hear his name called. The shame of it is he may not hear it called for a while. Savage was not the type of guy who wanted a lot of pomp and circumstance with his induction and he let that be known. Still, as the second most popular wrestler of the Hulkamania Era, he deserves a place in the Hall. So does Elizabeth, for that matter.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash

You can make a case that Razor Ramon and Diesel were as important to the “Kliq” and the WWF as any other two wrestlers in the business. As singles stars, they were phenomenal. As the Outsiders, they were two of the most influential performers of their time. They single-handedly changed the course of wrestling history.

The Brooklyn Brawler

Laugh if you wish, but there have been few wrestlers or “jobbers” as important to the success of future WWE superstars. Someone has to lose in a match and the Brawler still works hard to make sure the stars of the company get over and look good. In this case, jobbing is an art form and the Brawler is a maestro.