Butler Basketball: 5 Moments You Should Never Mention to a Butler Fan

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Butler Basketball: 5 Moments You Should Never Mention to a Butler Fan
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Remember the time Gordon Hayward sent that beautiful, high-arcing miracle into the Indianapolis sky that looked as if it was destined to be the greatest shot in college basketball history?

Only for it to just rim out, symbolizing that Butler was just inches away from stealing a national championship from Duke in 2010.

While it was an exciting thrill for the Bulldogs simply to play in the national championship game, the image of Hayward thinking he could have made history on only for his and Bulldog fans' hopes to slip away in an instant is the main snapshot to be taken away from the historic contest.

With all things considered, Butler fans have been spoiled. Not only by their team's continuous success, but the special, dramatic moments are about as rich and plentiful as any reasonable fan could ask for.

Still, with a bevy of triumphs comes a bevy of troughs. And Butler basketball has its share of the former, too. Disagree with me?

Well, you know how Michael Jordan has famously repeated how he has missed 9,000 shots in his career? That's probably about the same amount Butler missed in its national championship bout against Connecticut.

I kid, Bulldog fans. The fact that it even made it to the final game of the college hoops marathon is a remarkable feat simply in itself.

Regardless, here are the five moments in Butler basketball history that you should never mention to one of its fans.

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