Denver Broncos Super Fan Bios: TheMadFanatic (Andrew Young)

Jon HeathContributor IJuly 30, 2013

Andrew Young, a Denver Broncos super fan.  (Photo courtesy of
Andrew Young, a Denver Broncos super fan. (Photo courtesy of

Fan Name:  Andrew Young

AKA:  TheMadFanatic


Notable For:  Music

There are Denver Broncos fans, and then there are Denver Broncos super fans.

You've heard of them—Barrel Man, Shadd Ring, Chris Hitchcock, James Patrick Owen—the fans that do things above and beyond what you would expect from the average sports fan.  Today, we add Andrew Young to that list.

Young, who goes by TheMadFanatic, has been making Broncos music videos on YouTube since May of 2011.  His "Blue and Orange" remix song from two years ago has over 100,000 views and his channel has produced 27 videos to date, which have topped 210,000 total views.

I'm doing this because I genuinely believe that it makes a difference. I believe that in a lot of ways the music I make can impact the game. Whether it's a couple of fans screaming a little louder or Wesley Woodyard adding the song I made about him to his set of pre-game music because it gets him more ready for the game, Young told Bleacher Report on Tuesday.

In May, Young released a Wesley Woodyard "Lay The Wood" music video that quickly topped 1,000 views.  On Wednesday, Jim Rome had Woodyard on his show and played the song, much to Woodyard's delight.

"I love that, I might have to put that on my game day soundtrack—I like hearing stuff like that," Woodyard said of the song.

A few years ago, Young was hospitalized for a short period of time for what doctors now refer to as a "marijuana induced psychosis."  While recovering, Young had lost the motivation to create music and even live.

But his passion for the Broncos was the only thing he had left, and it grew during that rough time in his life.  After his videos starting taking off on YouTube and players, notably former safety Brian Dawkins, showed support, Young had found a new passion and has been back on track ever since.

The high I get from making 'Mile High Music' is one that no drug could ever come close to, and I came up with ''The 'Mad' Fanatic'' as a reminder that this all started because I went "mad" and as a reminder that everything happens for a reason—God has a plan for me though some times we may feel like, 'Why is this happening to me?' said Young.

In addition to make Broncos music videos, Young and his director, Keivon Jones, have started a small company, Young Digital, which helps companies build their brands through story-driven content.  To help stay afloat, Young is also a golf caddy.

Young is truly doing it for the fans, who now have the chance to help him.

"Right now, TheMadFanatic is not something that's lucrative for me or my producer Coach Basic, director Keivon, or strategist Nicole. We actually spent a few thousands of dollars last year to get people to hear my music, shoot videos, etc.," Young noted.

I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to try to help with the expenses to make my new album for this season, "Unfinished Business," and throw a tailgate launch party, shoot a music video, and make a documentary of my first trip to Denver and the creation of the album.  If I don't raise the money, I won't be able to afford to do any of it.

Currently, Young has just over ten backers and $650 pledged on his Kickstarter, which has a goal of raising $13,500 to help pay for the trip, equipment, and logistics.

Even if that doesn't work out, I'll still continue to do as much as I can because the soldier that sent me a direct message to me thanking me for making "Blue and Orange.  He said my song got him through his tour in Afghanistan," said Young.  (Another) guy commented on my "Effort" video that it changed the way he would approach life forever and that he would never give less than 100 percent on anything again.  That makes it all worth it.

You can contribute to Young's Kickstarter, The Unfinished Business Project, by clicking here.