WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners and Losers After 7/29/13

Bill PivetzCorrespondent IIINovember 21, 2016

Another episode of Raw down, which means we are one more week closer to SummerSlam. There was a lot of action that took place on the July 29 episode, including two Divas’ matches.

Let’s rewind the clock to Raw and take a look back at who came out at the biggest winners and losers.


Daniel Bryan—Winner

Daniel Bryan was featured a lot throughout the show. He was in the opening segment, in a verbal exchange with Mr. McMahon. He then defeated his former partner, Kane, in a great match. Finally, after John Cena defeated Ryback, he came out and stared down Cena as the crowd chanted “Yes!” to close out the show.

Bryan has been on a roll over the last few weeks. He is being made to look like the underdog heading into SummerSlam and it’s working. Bryan ran the gauntlet last week and took out the Big Red Machine this week all without the support of the chairman of the board.

Will WWE pull the trigger and have Bryan win at SummerSlam? Who knows? If they do, however, let’s hope we don’t hear Randy Orton’s music playing at the end of the night.



Fandango has been stagnant over the past couple of weeks. He lost to Orton two weeks ago, was defeated by Cody Rhodes last week and then got himself counted out against Rob Van Dam this week.

It looked like he had a rocket attached to his back as he defeated Chris Jericho at WrestleMania XXIX. Fandango was then scheduled to participate in the Intercontinental title match at Payback, but was out due to a concussion.

Though upon his return, Fandango has been on the losing end of a lot of his matches. His push appears to have been stopped as of right now.

However, WWE could easily get Fandango going again with a string of wins leading up to and after SummerSlam.



Since returning from injury, Christian has been close to unstoppable. He defeated Wade Barrett in his first match back. He teamed with the Usos on an episode of SmackDown and handed The Shield their second loss.

The night after Money in the Bank, he pinned Damien Sandow and then beat Titus O’Neil the following week.

Christian continued his winning ways by pinning the current world champion, Alberto Del Rio, this past week on Raw.

Christian is now in line for a world title shot. His win-loss record over the last two months proves that he’s back and better than ever. He definitely deserves “one more match.”


AJ Lee and Big E. Langston—Losers

AJ has been looking for a way to get revenge on her ex, Dolph Ziggler. Big E. Langston has played his part with an attack on Ziggler last week, but the Show Off was able to escape.

This past week, AJ was defeated by Kaitlyn. Ziggler challenged Langston to a match. Langston looked to have everything under control when AJ got involved and cost Langston the match.

Ziggler once again has the upper hand on his former friend and girlfriend. With three weeks left before the biggest party of the summer, can Ziggler continue to outsmart AJ and Langston?


Everyone else

With 10 matches on Raw, it was hard to find time for all of the Superstars. Sheamus didn’t compete, Big Show’s return was held off for another week and CM Punk appeared for only a couple of minutes.

The major storylines are set, now it’s time to develop the undercard before it’s too late. Curtis Axel needs a challenger for the Intercontinental title. RVD can’t be left off of SummerSlam. Ryback suffers yet another loss at the hands of John Cena. Will Mark Henry and the Usos avenge their loss to The Shield?

What did you think of Raw? Who were your biggest winners and losers?