Chyna Being Selected to the WWE Hall of Fame Is the Right Decision

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 30, 2013

Hulk Hogan was a known steroid abuser. Kerry Von Erich was a drug addict and Roddy Piper had been known to enjoy recreational drugs. All three of their lives outside the ring and inside for that matter have been chronicled by media and books (To Be The Man, Hollywood Hulk Hogan) and yet they still have a place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

If these three greats of the business, superstars who made wrestling millions of dollars and were lauded over by fans worldwide, are touted as the “best of the best,” then what is the huge deal with Chyna being part of a potential DX induction into the hallowed halls of immortality?

This is where wrestling, the life of entertainment and the personal relationship between Chyna and the McMahon family plays out in front of the media.

Chyna, more so than probably every other female wrestler in recent memory, deserves her place in the Hall of Fame. Not for what she did outside the ring. The list is extensive: porn, reality television, an ill-fated relationship with Sean Waltman, the nasty break-up with Triple H and his relationship with Stephanie McMahon. What Chyna did in the ring, wrestling men, becoming a champion in a men’s division and securing herself in mainstream wrestling circles was groundbreaking, trendsetting and revolutionary.

For those reasons, she should be part of the show.

If you looked at the Hall of Fame in any sport or business, you would see flaws. Flaws in character, flaws in how they were chosen. Someone who knew someone. Someone who was owed a favor. Someone who sat and whined for hours to get their point across and their player into the shrine. The WWE is no different. politics in selection is just as vital.

And while the media may have a field day with the process and the chaos it creates, the fact is accomplishments in the ring should outweigh everything else.

Booker T at one time was in prison before he became a wrestler. In his book, "Booker T: From Prison to Promise: Life Before the Squared Circle," he talks about his life and times and mistakes he made. Should he have been left out of the Hall of Fame last year for things he has done in the past?

I understand when you look at Joanie Laurer you see a train wreck that may not stop. She may not apologise for her mistakes or things she has said in the past. You see a woman who has not made the best decisions in life and you see a woman who has thrown mud at the McMahon family.

So did other wrestlers in the business (Hulk Hogan) but that did not stop them from being honored as the greatest in the business. Chyna is every bit a part of DX and then some. As a bodyguard and enforcer to a wrestler, to a woman who opened doors for others.

This should be a non-issue. The fact that we in the media are making it one proves we are more worried about what might happen or come out of someone’s mouth than the participants.

All we should do is be happy she is part of the show, welcome her to her rightful place in history and write about the event and character. We should not the criticize the person who, on the outside looking in, is completely different than the one she portrayed.