Debate: Has Wheeler Lived Up to Your Expectations so Far?

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Debate: Has Wheeler Lived Up to Your Expectations so Far?
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Wheeler was called up with huge expectations, but has he lived up to them?


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Yes. For people to expect that kind of start that Matt Harvey had for Zach wheeler is wrong. Harvey exploded out of the gate in a rare way. I wasn't l...
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Yes! Didn't expect much young pitcher gaining experience, he is very erratic and will find his control and poise as he faces more hitters. Matt Harvey...
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I've never seen such unoptimistic Mets fans! Yes his command is spotty but the fact that he is able to blow away major league hitters at 23 more often...
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Not to me Wheeler according to many scouts a couple of years ago Wheeler was better than Harvey, he even threw harder than Harvey for him not to be do...
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He is 4-1 with a 3.72 ERA. He has survived on stuff alone. He is still 23 yrs old. He has stuff to work on, but the sky is the limit. I didn't and don...
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