'Devin Hester, Chris Johnson, and a Live Cheetah Walk into a Bar...'

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Okay, so not a bar, but the three did manage to race for an upcoming TV special to be aired on National Geographic's channel in November.

Devin Hester's career has been defined by his speed. The defensive-back-slash-kick-returner-turned-wide-receiver for the Chicago Bears is a threat to score whenever he gets his hands on the ball. When one thinks of NFL stars capable of giving a cheetah a run for its money, Hester seems the most sensible candidate. 

That's not to disparage Chris Johnson, whose explosive bursts out of the Titans backfield have been one of the few bright spots on his Tennessee teams. That speed ushered him to 2,006 yards rushing in 2009 and earned him the moniker "CJ2K." 

But does the cheetah have a nickname?

Join me in our latest episode of "Let Met Get This Straight," where I lay odds on Hester, Johnson and the Great Cheetah Race of 2013. And since I couldn't find any cheetahs in which to stage a mock race of my own (I looked, trust me), I'll be racing a car. A Hyundai Sonata, specifically, long thought of as the Acinonyx jubatus of the automotive world.

Check out my wicked first step in the video above, and leave your own thoughts on the Cheetalympics in the comments below. 

As always, thanks for watching. 

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